My favourite vegan makeup

I would love to sit here and say that all of my makeup is vegan but unfortunately it's not. However, when 
I thought about doing this post I began researching more about my favourite products and found out that 
nearly all of them are vegan which I'm proud about. I have spoken about these products before and my 
love for them, however I wanted to shine laugh on them again and that they are vegan, giving you more 
reason to pick them up and try them out for yourself. 

I can only think of one other primer that I have finished and repurchased, and this is the other. This 
was so popular and took so long to get hold off, but I know why it was. For only £9 this has high-
end makeup quality. Completely blurring out the skin leaving a smooth silky base that still adds 
moisture to the skin. Applying this with my finger to melt into the skin and become one with my 
skin. I use this every time I do my makeup and have all of the other putty primer variations ELF 
have released because of my true love for this. Full review here.

An obvious favourite is the shape tape concealer*. With full coverage and 16 hour wear this leaves 
your skin looking flawless, whilst also brightening and smoothing the skin without being too thick 
or settling into any fine lines. Containing shea and mango butter as well as licorice root to help 
improve the skins elasticity, brighten, condition and moisturise. Most full coverage concealers 
I've tried are thick and settle under my eyes, however due to the Shea and mango butter this gives 
amazing hydration. This lives up to all the hype and will continue to be a favourite of mine for years 
to come. This retails for £24 the original full size, which is more pricey than others, but is worth 
every single penny.

When I originally got into makeup the ELF HD under eye setting powder was all the rage and I loved how 
smooth and fresh it made my under eyes looked. I was so devastated when it got discontinued, and started 
using the Ben Nye translucent powder. In the last few months I have switched to the W7 bright eyes under 
eye powder. This is an incredibly fine and weightless powder that has a blurring and brightening affect to 
give you a truly refreshing and hydrating looking under eye area.

Another obvious favourite is the matt bronzing powder from Essence. This is perfect because it 
truly has no shimmer or iridescence throughout, which helps to create a natural bronze to the skin. 
As someone with fair skin I can struggle with finding a bronzing that is the right shade without 
being too orange or too grey. This has everything I'm looking for in a bronzer; no shimmer, the 
perfect shade and a seamless and even blend.

When it comes to my brows I always set them in place but never found a product that actually held 
them there looking pristine all day. I saw the Got2b glued 4 brows and edges on tiktok, and since I 
love their hairspray thought I'd try it out. I haven't looked back since. This sets my brows in place all 
day long and keeps them in place no matter what I'm doing or what the weather is.



  1. I love Elf products but not tried that primer, will have to try it!
    Amy x

    1. Honestly my favourite primer! Got all but 1 of them x

  2. I've heard such great things about the got2be brow gel! I've only just bought one though, but this is next on my to try list! The under eye brightener sounds amazing too. I could most definitely do with some of that. Thanks for sharing! I actually didn't realise elf or essence were vegan!

    1. The brow gel is incredible, especially if you have a long day ahead x

  3. I'd love to try the under eye powder, my eyes are in desperate need for something like that! x

    Lucy Mary

    1. Makes such a difference with one thats specifically for your under eyes x

  4. I keep meaning to try that Elf putty primer! I’ve seen so many people rave about it. I haven’t bought anything from w7 for ages, I used to really like their Charlotte Tilbury bronze and highlight dupe x

    1. I can't remember the last time I used a primer that wasn't ELF! x

  5. Really need to get my hands on the Elf poreless putty, it sounds amazing x