How to have the best nights sleep

Getting a good nights sleep is more important than you realise, connecting to your mental and physical 
health and wellbeing. Adults need between 7 and 9 hours of sleep per day to have a better lifestyle. 
Due to work, personal life, adult duties amongst other things, getting a good nights sleep isn't always 
that easy. I wanted to share a few of my tips and tricks that I have learnt to help get a good sleep.

An obvious yet forgotten tip is to turn off all electronics, at least 30 minutes before you want to go to 
sleep. This allows to your brain to unwind as well as yours eyes to rest after a long day. How you choose 
to spend your time after is up to you. Reading, colouring, praying or even just lying in silence are all good 
choices. Reading and colouring allow your brain to focus on one thing that isn't an electronic device, 
without straining your eyes, eventually leading you to fall asleep.

Pillow sprays have been around for as long as I can remember, aiming to help you unwind. Pillow 
sprays are often enriched with lavender and chamomile which tricks your brain into a sense of 
relaxation and calmness for a restful nights sleep. Spray a generous amount of this onto your pillow 
and surroundings at bedtime to help drift off into a peaceful sleep.

Body care is something I never thought would associate with a better nights sleep. However Feather and 
down offer a selection of body care products infused with lavender and chamomile to sooth your body and 
relax your mind. I enjoy using the all purpose sleep balm*, which is used by rubbing a small amount onto 
your pulse points (temples, wrists and neck) to last longer due to the beat of your heart. This is also 
infused with vitamin e and essential oils helping to reduce anxiety and give a better nights sleep. 

Taking vitamins to go to sleep has definitely become more popular over the last few years and I have 
seen them grow more popular through TikTok. All sleeping vitamins are different and contain different
ingredients depending on the brand. However they all have the same aim; to provide ultimate relaxation 
and a restful nights sleep, leaving you feel more refreshed and uplifted in the morning. 


Some of these products were gifted (have been marked with an asterix) to me however this post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.


  1. I use the This Works Deep Sleep Pillow Spray, it definitely helps me drift off to sleep! x

    Lucy Mary

  2. I've heard amazing things about pillow sprays! We have a 10 month old so good night's sleep are far and few between, although it does feel like we're finally getting somewhere close. The power of a good night's sleep is so underrated. Sleep is so important. I can definitely tell the difference the following day.

    Claire X

    1. A good nights sleep is so needed. Essential for both your physical and mental health x

  3. I have a much better sleep routine than I used to, including no electronics before bed, but it's been so difficult in the heat recently so I'm definitely looking forward to it cooling down so I can get enough sleep again!
    Amy x

    1. The heat affected my sleep so much. Can't wait for winter! x