What my dating profile should say about me part 2

Dating is something I have a very love hate relationship with. Living in an era full of social media and 
negative energy, dating is so difficult. Earlier this year I did a blog post about what my dating profile 
should actually say about me. After posting I realised that although all is true, I focused on the good 
points and I wanted to share some the hard times about dating too. 

I love to stay at home and lounge, whilst watching my favourite films and shows and yes I do love a good 
Marvel film. However this can often become a rut of mine. I am more than happy to spend doing nothing, 
and have done before, and can get 'too comfortable'. Sometimes this means I have to be dragged out of my 
comfort zone and do things I'm not used too. This is something that can make me quite anxious as it's a 
fear of the unknown, but it's also how I discovered I like doing other things such as going to car shows. 

My OCD doesn't affect my life in a major way, like it can others, and mainly affects the organisation of 
my home. This can be a slight problem though. When I start dating someone new, I don't let this affect me 
however as I start to become more comfortable around someone so do some of my traits such as; being 
unable to sleep if I know my house isn't in order, and fixating on them causing anxiety. 

In my previous post I spoke about how my BPD affects my feelings and emotions, however despite 
this love harder than anyone, will go above and beyond for you and be your biggest fan. This is all true, 
however I do tend to overthink on the little things as well as misunderstand jokes and sarcasm when 
we first meet, as I haven't got to understand the persons sense of humour and facial expressions. 

With saying all of this, I cherish being in a relationship. Just as being in any relationships there are ups and 
downs, arguments and battles but a whole lot of love. Although I can fall into a routine and get anxious 
over the small things, I look forward to the day I find my next the person I spend the rest of my life too 
and bringing out the best in each other! 



  1. What a lovely post! It would be way better if dating profiles were more honest!
    Amy x

    1. I'm shocked at how many people lie to impress people, especially on dating sites x

  2. Loved this. The last paragraph especially! I can imagine dating i very love/hate nowadays with social media etc. Gah! I sound so old! Haha. But I love this. I think being vulnerable and totally honest is really important when it comes to finding the right person. X

    1. Thank you! Vulnerability and honesty is such a turn on, which people don't realise x

  3. I loved reading this post Lea! I would love it if dating profiles were more honest and be allowed to be more honest x

    Lucy Mary

    1. Thank you lovely! They need more options to share information about yourself, rather than just a couple of photos x

  4. This is wonderful! Honesty is how we establish ourselves, it’s how we communicate what we want, and it’s how we should begin a relationship.

    1. Thank you! Honesty makes such a difference and is a huge part of a relationship/dating x