Makeup I bought and wish I used more

We are all guilty of buying products that we now don't use as much as we should or at all. I definitely 
used to do this with makeup, and maybe still do a little bit. I love to purchase, use and write about 
makeup, so I thought that combining the 3 might be perfect! I'm hoping that writing this post and 
publishing it for everyone to see will help me be held accountable for not using everything I buy! 

The Nikkie Tutorials palette is beyond beautiful and I was so fortunate to get my hands on it when it first 
launched, as it was out of stock almost immediately (I believe it's permanent now, not limited edition). 
This is jam-packed full of bright, bold and sultry shades in mattes, shimmers and duo-chromes which 
helps you achieve any look you could imagine. I absolutely love this palette and could stare at it all day, 
however I get so intimidated by it that I never pick it up. There are so many looks to create that I almost 
don't know where to start, so I don't use it. As the weather's getting warmer I feel like it's more acceptable 
to wear brighter eyeshadow, so I'm making it my time to experiment with what looks I can create with 
this, even if it a natural look with a bright shadow on the lower lash line! Full blog post here.

It feels like it's been years since this powder was selling out like gold dust. This is one of those that I know 
I love, know how incredible it is, but always reach for something else as I forget that I own this. I have the 
entire tub of this loose powder sitting, not being used, in my makeup drawer and I kick myself knowing 
that I don't use it with how incredible it is. I've definitely had it for a lot longer than I should off and will 
most likely need to pick up a new one soon. 

Revolution is one of my favourite brands, and has been for a long time. I love their original brands as 
well as the brands they've added on such as Revolution XX. I was definitely drawn in immediately to this 
collection because of the packaging and marketing behind it; leading the evolution of makeup and 
skincare into one. When they initially launched I purchased quite a lot of the products as I was obsessed, 
and I ended up buying all of their primers that were in the glass jars (6 total). I have tried each of them and 
5 out of 6 I love and think are great. You would think that since I love them and that they take up a lot of 
room in my drawer that I would use them alot, however I always find myself reaching for the ELF 
powerless putty primer instead. I'm hoping to use these primers more in the summer as they are definitely 
aimed at hydrating and quenching your skin!  Full blog post here.

Thankfully over the years I've got a lot better with my makeup purchases, but I was definitely guilty of 
impulse buying. When I went to London a few years ago I got sucked in by the packaging of this bronzer 
as it screams summer! For some reason anytime it comes to high end makeup I never reach for it, out of 
fear that I'm going to run out, which makes no sense. I have to wait until summer to use this as although 
it's the lightest shade it's still a little too dark for me. By the time summer comes around, I always forget 
about it, which is sad as it's a stunning bronzer and the formula is so buttery smooth.

When I got bought the Charlotte Tilbury lipstick in Kim K.W I was bursting for joy. It is such a gorgeous 
nude shade, with a stunning design on both the bullet and outer packaging. Over the years I've found 
myself going through phases with lip products from loving them and not being able to get enough, to still 
purchasing them with no intention of them being used. Even when I'm in my 'loving lip products phase' I 
always forget to pick this up, and naturally gravitate towards other lipsticks. I find this to be very fair and 
blend in with my skin tone a lot so when I do use it, its manly in the centre to add some extra definition. 
This is a lipstick I wish I used more not only because of the price but because it's a gorgeous shade.

When Revolution announced they were doing an entire FRIENDS collection, I knew that I had to have it 
all even before they released what the products were. I managed to pick up the entire collection and I 
loved it. I still do. However when it comes to palettes, especially bigger palettes, because I have so many 
there are always some that don't get used as much as they should. The limitless palette is unfortunately 
one of them. This however is a stunning palette featuring 27 shades that are perfect for creating any 
makeup look, from day to night. I'm hoping to get some better storage so this palette can be seen and 
used to it's full potential. Full blog post here.

Becca highlighters are a cult classic amongst makeup lovers, and I obviously wanted to hop on the trend 
as soon as possible. Back in 2015 I purchased my first Becca highlighter in the shade; moonstone which 
was a bestseller. This is a gorgeous pale iridescent gold that is aimed at being perfect on all skin tones. 
Unfortunately I was disappointed with this straight away as the pigmentation is little to none. I've included 
it in several blog posts talking about how it's not worth the hype but the reason I wanted to include it in 
this one is because, it's a high end makeup item that I wish I loved. I wish I loved this as much as other 
people do, but since I love intense highlighters this sadly isn't for me.

What makeup products do you wish you used more?



  1. I'm the same with all my makeup! I hardly ever use it and just can't seem to get into a routine with it. That palette is lush.

    Corinne x

  2. I never got my hands on the CT Kim K lipstick. Also, I realllly need to start using Revolution products again. Always loved their products! x

    Megan Elizabeth

    1. It's still available on their website! Revolution is insane, honestly never disappoint x

  3. I am SO here for this post. I am not buying any more beauty, I've pledged just to remind myself how much amazing stuff I already have! I ran out of CT bits recently but they are just the best, aren't they!?

    1. I'm trying my hardest not to purchase anymore makeup either, but there's so many incredible releases! The CT lipstick is the only product I've tried from them, but I definitely want more x

  4. Those eyeshadow palettes are gorgeous, I love all the different colours you can play around with!

    Gemma Louise

  5. I have purchased a lot of lipsticks in the past that I have never used, it is such a waste in hindsight.
    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. Lipsticks and eyeshadows palettes are definitely something I own too much off and don't use enough x

  6. I have bought so many Becca Face Palettes, and I wish I used them more

    1. I'm hoping they have a big sale before they shut down, because there's still so much I want to try even if I didn't like this one x