Nikkie Tutorials X Beauty Bay

Whilst being in lockdown, there have been a lot of things everyone has missed out on. Not just in the 
sense of having to wear masks when we go to the shops, but also a lot of events, launches and holidays 
have been cancelled. In the beauty industry there have very few new makeup products launching. 
Thankfully as things are starting to look up, even if it is slowly, there are new products launching just in 
time for autumn. To start of the autumn season in the right way, Nikkie Tutorials blessed us with a launch!

Us Glow babies have never been so excited. Nikkie Tutorials has collaborated with Beauty Bay to create a 
limited edition pressed pigment palette. Being the queen of makeup it came as no shock that this palette 
was going to be incredible. Filled with 20 shades, from bright to dark and including mattes, shimmers and 
duo chromes, making it possible to create any look that your heart desires. This is created with Beauty 
Bay's iconic high pigment formula with major lasting power whilst also being vegan and cruelty free.

Nikkie spoke about how she was nervous to collaborate with a brand again, after her first time, especially 
creating an eyeshadow palette. I'm so glad that she found faith and trust again in a brand, but even more so 
with one as incredible as Beauty Bay. Nikkie is very open with how scared she is and nervous in creating 
this, whist also talking about how she created the shades and names and my favourite thing that Nikkie 
spoke about, is how one of the shades (plot twist) doesn't swatch well, which a lot of people don't like to 
talk about the faults or downsides. Nikkie said straight away (in her video) that the shade swatches awful 
on the hand but looks insane on the lid which is why she included it instead of removing it.

This is split into 2 sides. The bright and the dark side, showing both sides of Nikkie's personalities. There 
are a few things that sets this palette apart from others. The packaging is beyond stunning. Again split into 
2 sides. The first side being a brighter more vibrant illustration, followed by a black and white side. Nikkie 
describes this as her temple. Inside the shades are split into 4 rows of 5 shades. On the brighter side there 
is a regular mirror, and on the opposite darker side Nikkie included a x2 zoom mirror, which is such a 
simple thing to include in an eyeshadow palette but something that I've never seen done before.

Redemption - Marigold orange matte
Blend and snap! - Bubblegum pink matte
Ivy - Icy white shimmer
Slasher - Mulberry purple matte
5am - Chocolate brown matte

Roxy Catan - Bright pink shimmer
VLA - Bumblebee yellow matte
Mikai - True red matte
Mila - Caramel nude matte
Underground - Silver/gold hybrid shimmer

Plot twist - Baby blue matte
Aura - Orange rose gold shimmer
Basic trut - Pink toned light nude matte
All-in  - Green/silverduo chrome
Ew - True green matte

Pride - Pink/blue duo chrome
Zomer - Peach pink matte 
Mama Tutorials - Baby blue shimmer
Amsterdamn - Cobalt blue matte
Mr Tutorials - Hazel toned shimmer

I've never tried Beauty Bay's own brand so I didn't know what to expect when it came to the quality of this 
palette, and without this I probably would've never tried anything from them. Im glad this launched as I've 
now got my eyes on a few more products from them, that I'm looking forward to even more so because of 
the quality. Each shadow is velvety smooth to the touch and applies evenly to the lid and blends out both 
effortlessly and seamlessly. I never expected any less from Nikkie, but this definitely exceeded my 
expectations. This is available only at Beauty Bay for £25 and as of now there are no dates for a relaunch.



  1. I saw this on your insta last night and fell in loooove!! I can't wait to see what you create!

  2. Wow what a gorgeous palette! So bright and bold!

    1. Beyond gorgeous isn't it! She is so incredible x

  3. This palette is so gorgeous, look at all them bold colours!

    Gemma Louise

    1. I know right! Endless amount of looks to create x

  4. This looks like such an incredible palette - I'd love it if this relaunched! x

    1. Definitely! I've heard it is so fingers crossed x

  5. This looks like an amazing palette to experiment with, I know I wouldn't use the majority of these shades but even so, it's very nice!

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  6. I picked up the palette too the shades look fantastic x

    Joyce |

  7. I have seen people go crazy for this palette! Can't wait to see what you create