Trying XX Revolution beauty

Revolution is probably one of my favourite high street beauty brands. I use their foundation on a daily 
basis and is my all time favourite, and I've never tried anything from them that I haven't loved. Over the 
last few years Revolution have launched 5 add on brands, with their most recent being XX Revolution.

XX Revolution is beauty rewired. It leads the evolution of skincare and makeup into one, whilst being 
loaded with powerful active skincare ingredients and as always being cruelty free. This launched June 
3rd and I have had all these items sitting in my basket since and I decided to finally take the plunge and 
treat myself. I picked up what I was most excited for but I will definitely be placing another order soon 
for the rest of the items on my wishlist!

Their range of primers is what drew my into the collection, particularly their jar primers. There are 6 in 
the range and are £15 each. They also have 5 tube primers for hydrating, brightening, moisturising, 
magnifying and detoxifying which are £12 each. They also have 5 setting sprays which pair along with 
the tube primers for only £10 each. I didn't pick any of those up as I have so many to use, but will be 
purchasing some when I run out.

Out of all the primers I didn't know what to think with this one, but I think it's actually one of my 
favourites. It aims to blur and filter the pores and face whilst adding radiance to the skin. This has a 
whipped mouse like texture, with a slight iridescent finish which blends evenly across the skin leaving it 
feeling smooth and refreshed. As this is a different texture primer than what I'm used too, I didn't know 
how it would react with my foundation. It went on just as seamlessly and left my skin looking blurred. 

This is the primer that most people have been excited to try out. Ever since Jeffree Star did a review on 
the ELF putty primer, and made it sell out for months, other brands have started doing 'putty like' primers. 
This is nearly double the price of the ELF primer so I had high expectations since the ELF primer is my 
favourite. This comes with a small metal spoon/spatula to help get the primer out. I'm actually really 
disappointed with this and won't be recommending it. It's purpose it to melt into the skin, fill the pores 
and leave your skin looking flawless. Instead this clung to my pores and enhanced them more. I'm going 
to be trying it out again but I don't high hopes for it. 

Being over 70% water I'm not shocked at how hydrated this makes my skin feel. This is an aqua gel infused with aloe vera and illuminating pearl particles to give the skin a radiant look. This is definitely the prettiest primer out the bunch as it's bright blue with blue shimmer throughout. When applied you are left feeling nourished, however you can see the shimmer on your skin. I would recommend using a small amount of this to start with, and only use this if you plan on using a foundation on top, to cover up the shimmer and leave your skin looking radiant, rather than using the primer and only spot correcting. 

Out of all the primers this is the most hydrating. It is almost like putting water directly on your face. It has 
a very unique jelly like texture and instantly absorbs into the skin. Just like the rest I would use a small 
amount of this, especially as it's the most hydrating so you really don't need to use a lot. I would also 
recommend leaving this to sink into the skin for about 5-10 minutes before applying makeup over the top, 
to make sure it's fully absorbed and isn't sticky to touch. If you have dry skin and don't want your makeup 
clinging to dry patches or imperfections on your skin, then I highly recommend trying this out.

Before talking about the primer itself, the scent of this is insane! It has a watermelon, raspberry and lush 
scent, but is muted enough that it's not overwhelming. This is enriched with hibiscus extract and glycerin, 
which gives it that bouncy texture in the jar but silicone feel on the skin. This feels most like a primer 
when it's on my skin, and is something I would recommend if you are wanting a basic all in one primer 
that isn't overly complicated and targeted towards specific areas and does all the work for you.

This particular primer is targeted to help the skin glow and encourage a youthful radiance. It is over 70% 
water and infused with impactful ingredients and age-defying powers. This has a really unique bouncy 
texture and is also bright yellow, whilst having a light camomile scent. When applied to the skin it feels 
instantly cool and hydrated. It doesn't leave your skin with a yellow tint at all and feels just like a 
moisturiser. I would recommend only using a small amount of this as a little goes a long way. This sinks 
into the skin and doesn't leave it feeling sticky, which is perfect for applying makeup over the top of. I 
didn't notice a difference in how long my makeup lasted, but it did leave my skin feeling refreshed. 

I absolutely love Revolution base products so my exceptions for these are high. What I love most about 
Revolution is their wide shade range. They don't start with 15 shades and build it up, instead they start 55 
shades of both foundation and concealer to make sure that there is a match for everyone. The concealer 
retails for only £10 and both foundations for £15.

My favourite foundation of all time is the Revolution conceal and hydrate foundation, so I had really high 
expectations for this. As of now, nothing has taken the number 1 spot. I picked up the shade FX1.5 as FX1 
is too light for me and FX2 is ever so slightly too dark. This seems like a perfect match for me currently. 
This has 55 shades to choose from which is such incredible. This is infused with pearl particles to help 
achieve that glowy skin finish, whilst being lightweight. I find this to be medium coverage with a subtle 
radiant finish. It is infused with hyaluronic acid to repair your skin from dry spells. This will be perfect for 
summer time as it's light weight and won't feel heavy on the skin.

This foundation is designed to give a silk like finish rather than a radiant finish and is more full coverage 
than the previous foundation. I do agree that this is more full coverage, thankfully it is just as lightweight. 
I don't notice much of a difference with the finish however. Again this is infused with vitamin e and 
hyaluronic acid to help treat the skin. I reach for this foundation just as much as the glow skin, however 
it's still yet to beat my all time favourite! 

It's very rare that I find a concealer that I enjoy on it's own without having to layer with my Collection 
lasting perfection concealer. This is medium-full coverage, but is easy to build up. It is lightweight which 
doesn't leave your under-eye area feeling thick, cakey and heavy. This is also infused vitamin e and 
hyaluronic acid to treat and better the skin whilst you wear makeup.

Just like their base shade range, they have 12 shades of power highlighter, 16 blush shades, 10 shades
 of bronzer and 3 shades of their loose setting powder. They also have a translucent setting powder, 
which I wanted to try but is out of stock, 2 blush palettes and 4 trio face palettes. I reach for individual 
blushers over face palettes so I didn't pick them up, as well as them being cream blushers. Their cheek 
products range from only £8-£18 and have some incredible shades to choose from.

This was the first bronzer I tried from revolution and am beyond shocked at the quality. It is so pigmented 
that you only need the smallest amount on your brush, and also blends out seamlessly. I picked up the 
shade 'command' which is described as a cool matte brown on their website. I went with this shade as I'm 
quite fair so cool toned shades usually work best for me. However this is still quite dark. I did order online 
though, so I'll be interested to see the shades in person and if there is one I think will match me better. 
There shade range is incredible though, especially if you have a medium-dark skin tone and struggle to 
find a bronzer to fit you. I would highly recommend checking them out. 

I own way too many blushers for a girl who uses the same blusher every time she gets ready. I picked 
these up because I wanted to try as much from the range as possible but also because I just love blush. I 
picked up the shades jitter, which is a matte bright peach and fickle, which is a shimmering amber. Both 
are even more beautiful in person and are highly pigmented. You definitely need to use a light hand when 
applying these, however they do blend super easily when applied to the skin! Definitely will be picking up 
more from the range, as there are 16 shades to choose from with a variety of undertones and shades.

Just like the concealer it is rare that I love just a highlighter on it's own, as I often layer 2-3 together to get 
that intnese glow I desire. Since I prefer a light champagne/gold glow, I picked up the shade 'echo' which 
is described as a crystal shade. I will also be picking up focus and strobe. These are so pigmented on the 
skin, easy to build up to get as light or as intense of a glow as you wish, and blend seamlessly. They do 
only have 12 shades of highlighter available they have a range in undertones to find your perfect match.

When it comes to eyes they have a lot of products, more than I was expecting. This includes 2 brow 
pencils, 1 brow pomade, 1 brow gel, 2 eye primers, 4 eyeliners, liquid eyeshadow, chrome eyeshadow 
pots and 11 eyeshadow palettes. All of these range from £5-£28. The only eyeshadows that caught my 
eyes were the liquid eyeshadows and chrome pots, but I already have so many I decided not to pick any 
up. They also have 6 glow lip glosses, 15 super shine glosses both for £8 and 14 liquid lipsticks for £10. 
I didn't pick up any of their lip products as I don't have any room to add more to my collection, but I 
definitely have my eye on their glow glosses as I love their shade range. 

They have 4 brow products too choose from, 2 of which are pencils. This is what I would describe as your 
classic brow pencil. It has a super skinny tip to get precise hair strokes and a perfectly sculpted brow. This 
is double ended and has a spoolie for blending the brows to look more natural. I have medium blonde hair 
and picked up the shade medium brown, which is a perfect match for me. They have 10 shades to choose 
from, to find your perfect match including if you have auburn hair which I haven't seen in a brow pencil.

Out of the brow pencils I didn't think I would get along with this as it has a soft paddle brush instead of a 
spoolie, and thought this would be wasted and I wouldn't use it. Instead I gravitate towards this over my 
other brow pencils. It has a slightly thicker tip which is perfect for me as I prefer a more natural, bushy 
brow look. The paddle brush works perfectly as it combs out the product evenly and doesn't leave your 
brows looking patchy like a spoolie sometimes can. This pencil does however only have 6 shades.

A brow gel will always just be a brow gel to me, until I can find one as good as the setting gel in the Soap 
and Glory 2 in 1 brow sculpting crayon, which is like glue. Although I should've picked up a tinted brow 
gel, I opted for the clear to be safe and really test it alongside my other gels. I love the packaging on this 
and how sleek it looks, as well as the brush being small enough to cover all my hairs whilst letting me 
have full control. This keeps my brows in place all day and helps to make my brows look more natural. 

I picked up 16 products which came to a total of £151.20 as I used a discount code, which made me save 
over £35, making each product to around £9.45 each which I think is amazing! If you want amazing 
discounts when you are shopping then sign up to Honey. Honey automatically searches the web for the 
best discounts and applies them to your shopping basket. Trusted by over 10 million members and can be 
downloaded for free. Every time I shop I make sure to use Honey first to make sure I am getting the best 
possible discount that I can and save the most money that I can.

Have you tried anything from XX Revolution?



  1. I’ve never heard of this brand but love the look of their products! The packaging looks really sleek

    1. Just recently launched, you should try it out! So incredible x

  2. Looks like a great selection of products here, you picked up loads of things!

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  3. There are so many amazing products in this post! I love the sound of the brow pencils, my brows need some serious TLC!

    1. I've been loving the brow pencils, the paddle brush is so good x