Finding the right bronzer if you have fair skin

No matter what skin tone you have there will always be a makeup product that is hard to find and get 
right. Whether that be foundation and concealer or in a lot of cases; bronzer. I have pretty fair skin, and am 
usually the first or second lightest foundation out of the shades to offer. This makes finding a bronzer that 
isn't too dark quiet hard. Over the years I've tried countless bronzers and only have a few that I reach for 
and I'm still on the hunt for the 'perfect bronzer'. I wanted to do a blog post on tips to help you find the 
right bronzer if you have fair skin like myself, as I know the struggle that it can be.

The rule when it comes to bronzer is to go 2-3 shades darker than your natural complexion, to ensure you 
are still getting that natural bronzed looked, rather than a fake bake. If you struggle to find a bronzer that 
is the right shade for you, try going a few shades darker in your face powder and using that instead.

Knowing your undertone is key with makeup, but especially with bronzers. The easiest way to know 
what time of undertone you have is by what jewellery you wear. If you wear gold jewellery you most 
likely have a warm undertone. If you wear silver jewellery you will have a cool undertone. If you are 
lucky enough to suit both gold and silver jewellery then you have a natural undertone.

Warm undertone - Golden, sunset and more orange browns
Cool undertone - Warm peaches, beige, taupe and cool browns
Neutral undertone - Neither too warm or too cool, stay with a neutral brown

I have a cooler undertone so I like to make sure my bronzers are a more taupe/beige shade, however I do 
still gravitate towards the odd golden bronzer just to use lightly, especially when I get a slight sun kissed 
tan in the summer, just to warm up my face a little bit. I also like to use more golden bronzers on my body.



  1. This is the same for me I find bronzers hard being so pale! I’ve got a MAC one I’ve used for ages though which I love

    1. I always forget about MAC unless it's lipsticks! x

  2. The Body Shop Honey Bronzer has been around for years and I still haven't tried it!

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  3. OMG YESSS this is my kind of blog post!! I love bronzers any time of the year but more when I'm already sun kissed!

    1. Definitely agree with you! Summer is the time for bronzers x