Anxiety with social media

I've suffered from anxiety for as long as I can remember, and it wasn't until recently that I realised just 
how much my anxiety was affected by social media. Whether it be thinking what I post isn't good enough, 
wondering why brands want to work with that person but not me, my numbers not increasing or if 
something is aimed at me. A lot of people do the same, but don't realise that it's a problem.

Social media should be a fun outlet that we use to express ourselves, in whatever way we want. With 
anything that you do, criticism and negativity is excepted, unfortunately. Just the same as if you go into a 
new job or have a disagreement with your friends. Social media you are opening yourself up to the entire 
world and putting your life out there for people to judge. The more followers you have and more forms of 
social media you're on the more vulnerable you become to other people, having an opinion on you.

I find that Instagram is the hardest platform to be on. You not only let thousands of people in to see your 
life, but because you choose what to post and lets other see they think you're life is perfect, or that you're a 
liar because you don't post the negative and down days. There is no right way to win on Instagram. 
Because of this you find yourself comparing yourself to others. Whether it's their face, body, clothes, the 
way their house looks, the relationship they have, anything. Even though most of the time you know it's 
not reality, you doubt yourself and your confidence and self esteem lowers.

With social media you have to be so careful, especially about things you say. Yes you are entitled to your 
own opinion but surrounding controversial topics such as sexuality, politics, religion and race you have be 
very cautious. I personally don't talk about politics and religion, I talk about sexuality because I am part of 
the LGBTQ+ family, and I've only started talking about race briefly because of the BLM movement. We 
are evolving everyday, so things that might have been said 10 years ago, now aren't politically correct. It 
comes down to thinking before you speak. Think is it something you feel passionately about, are you 
being politically correct, if you do want to post it make sure you re-read it several times, is it going to be 
something you regret in 6-12 months time, and are you ok with getting potential criticism for it. 

I am thankful to live in a world of social media, so we can connect with people all around the world, and 
meet people who we wouldn't have met otherwise who have the same love and passions that I do. I'm 
thankful that it's a place to express myself and has allowed me to turn my hobby into a job. I am so 
thankful for the opportunities that have been given me from this, but that doesn't make it easy. Remember 
to turn you phone off more, don't sit with it at the dinner table, have a conversation with the person in 
front of you rather than the people on Twitter. Give yourself a social media detox, for a few hours or even 
a day, reduce your weekly screen time. Do more things that make you forget to check your phone.



  1. Social media can be a wonderful thing but can get quite toxic. Easier said than done I know, but being your true self is the best thing - you’re unique so your page should be too

    1. Being true to yourself is always the best thing to do x

  2. I hate how toxic social media can be - I've found myself struggling a lot with it recently!

    1. So upsetting isn't it! Unfortunately I don't think it'll ever become a completely positive place x

  3. You have to take Instagram for what it is, most people only share the good stuff. It's important to remember that everyone has their own battles going on outside of social media.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. Have to keep reminding myself that Instagram is not real life x

  4. social media can have such negative impacts sometimes which is such a shame! x

    1. Can either be a wonderful place or an awful place x

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