Revolution x FRIENDS series 1

 If you know me then you will know how much I love FRIENDS. I find so much comfort in the show that 
it helps me no matter mood I am. You will also know how much I love makeup, especially Revolution. So 
you can imagine my excitement, and squeal, when I found out Revolution was launching a FRIENDS 
collaboration. They announced the launch with a sneak peak of the classic frame on the purple door, 
followed by an eyeshadow palette with some classic shades names from the show. There was no way I 
was going to let this collection slip through my hands and as soon as it went live I was on the site.

I was checking the website all Tuesday, just in case it went live early. Finally around 8pm it was available 
in all it's glory. I managed to get my hands on everything except 2 items. The scrunchies were out of stock 
and I didn't need to purchase 2 cosmetic bags, so I picked up my favourite (of course it was the lobster). 
When I initially saw that the girls eyeshadow palettes, I thought this was going to be their products only 
and series 2 would be the male character, however al 6 characters lip glosses were available which I was 
shocked about but it also makes me even more excited to see what they launch for series 2 later this year.


I always forget how incredible Revolution eyeshadow's are, and these didn't disappoint. They are buttery 
smooth and apply evenly onto the lid with full pigmentation. None of them break down in the pan or give 
major fall out which is exactly what you want from a palette. What makes these even better is that they are 
super affordable and available from the drugstore! I will definitely be picking up more eyeshadows from 
Revolution in the future. 

All of the packaging is beautiful and perfect for each character. The limitless palette is a clapper board 
design which will look amazing in anyones collection. The 3 girls eyeshadow palette is made to fit the 
characters aesthetic and style, so you can get the characters look in one easy place. The limitless palette 
contains  all 6 main characters and show regulars, with shades designed and picked for their style!


I definitely wasn't expecting this collection to have all 6 characters glosses included, especially since they 
announced that this is their series 1 release. I am glad they did, as it gave me the opportunity to try more 
lip products from Revolution. I absolutely love the satin-kiss formula of these lipsticks, and I completely 
understand why they are a bestseller as they are moisturising on the lips and super comfortable to wear. 

The packaging of the lipsticks match the girls eyeshadow palettes and each gloss has a lid with a theme 
that corresponds to them. E.G. Joey's is sandwiches and Ross' is Marcel the monkey, paired along with 
their names in the signature FRIENDS tv show font. 


I wasn't expecting many accessories to launch with this collection but I'm so happy with the ones they 
have so far and am definitely intrigued with what accessories they will launch with series 2. The lobster 
cosmetic bag is definitely my favourite and I'm desperate to get my hands on the scrunchies! 

When it comes to the accessories I knew I had to pick up the Handheld mirror. The classic purple door 
with the broken frame was too perfect to pass up on. A photo of this was used for the spoilers and it was 
made me want the collection the most. Unfortunately I didn't get my hands on the scrunchies as they were 
already sold out, and I only decided to get one makeup bag instead of both, as I didn't need 2 new 
cosmetic bags. I expected the Lobster cosmetic bag to be a lot bigger than it was but the fact that it was a 
covered in lobsters, even with a lobster key ring meant that I couldn't be too disappointed. This will be 
perfect to use for your essentials and touch up items and putting in your bag for when on the go. 

The one with all the eyeshadows. The Limitless palette contains 27 eyeshadows to create an endless amount of looks from day to night. Full of your basic shades and neutrals, to your pops of colour. My favourite shades are; Phoebe, Janice, Emily and Mindy. So excited to see what looks everyone creates.

Ross - olive shimmer green
Chandler - deep bronze
Joey - dusty rose pink
Gunther - true yellow gold shimmer
Janice - rose gold shimmer
Carol - matte peachy brown
Emily - iridescent purple
Ursula - matte sky blue
Mr Geller - deep matte brown 
Marcel - champagne shimmer
Paolo - matte warm brown
Fun Bobbie - rose gold shimmer

Ugly naked guy - icy pink shimmer
Mr Heckles - rose champagne shimmer
Estelle - copper shimmer

Monica - shimmering mulberry
Rachel - champagne shimmer
Phoebe - matte rich orange
Ben - matte light nude
Emma - iridescent mauve
Richard - peach shimmer
 Mrs Geller - iridescent rose pink
Julie - matter dusky rose
Barry - iridescent gold
Mike - iridescent champagne gold
Mindy - rose gold pressed glitter
Frank - iridescent yellow gold

Phoebe's eyeshadow palette is exactly what I imagined. This has a winter ice feel to, which reminds me 
of her Christmas wedding. I love the mixture of lavenders and mauves with the cool tones shades from 
science boy (which steals the show) and bike. My favourite shades are lobster, triplet and ditsy. 

Smelly cat - light pink with silver iridescence 
Lobster - peachy coral with reflective shimmer
Triplet - iridescent lavender 
Ice - classic warm toned brown
Flaky - pale shimmery gold
Buffay - matte rose mauve
Science boy - pressed silver glitter
Bike - icy baby blue shimmer
Ditsy - iridescent copper gold

The Phoebe lipstick is definitely a shade that I wouldn't have picked for Phoebe but is gorgeous 
nevertheless. This is a deep mulberry shade with a slight pink undertone. This is in Revolutions best 
selling satin-kiss formula, which feels super moisturising on the lips and has a slight sheen and has a long 
lasting power without the dryness that comes along with matte lipsticks. This is the perfect shade as we 
are heading into autumn, and will look perfect for a date night! 

Phoebe's lipgloss is the perfect berry gloss for autumn. For a lip gloss I was so shocked at how pigmented 
this is. This looks gorgeous on it's own, but even more so when paired with her lipstick. I love how this is 
super glossy without being so sticky that you get everything stuck in it.  Plus it smells absolutely insane!

The Joey lipgloss is definitely a shade that would've suited him. Although part of me wishes it was a icy 
blue gloss (ichiban - lipstick for men), it is a gorgeous shade. A natural pink with a slight cool undertone 
that looks absolutely stunning on it's own, or in the centre of a lipstick for some dimension. I would 
describe this shade as a perfect brunch date gloss, and one that can be applied without a mirror! Perfect.

The Monica eyeshadow palette is the perfect day to night palette. With your classic neutral browns and
 a mixture of warm and cool shades, with some deep reds and golds for the evening. You cannot go 
wrong when using this palette. My favourite shades are definitely clean, Geller cup and thanksgiving. 

Clean - pale shimmery champagne
Chef - rich yellow gold
Geller cup - matte red wine
Chicken - light cool toned brown
Twins - silver and gold pressed glitter
Frizzy - matte dark brown 
Bing - matte ash brown
Obsessive - warm tonede peach
Thanksgiving - iridescent mulberry 

My favourite lipstick out of the 3 is the Monica lipstick. This is a classic nude pink with an peach 
undertone, which makes it so wearable for any occasion. Monica's style is very effortless and classic so 
this is a shade that I can totally see her wearing. I love the formula and how comfortable this is to wear 
throughout the day. This will definitely be one of my new go-to lipstick shades.

The Monica lipgloss is exactly what I've been looking for my whole. The perfect combination of a classic 
nude with a slight shimmer running throughout, that gives the lips some added dimension without being 
overwhelming. As this does have shimmer throughout, I was worried that you would be able to feel it on 
your lips, thankfully you can't and it feels like any other lipglosses. Just like the lipstick, I will be reaching 
for this gloss on a day to day basis as it's just the perfect shade to wear.

Chandler's lipgloss is the most aesthetically pleasing to look at, with the shade and the packaging, and also 
looks gorgeous next to the Monica gloss. This mid toned pink gloss looks feels amazing on the lips 
throughout the day and gives you a confidence boost when paired with your favourite nude lipstick. 

I would describe the Rachel eyeshadow palette has a romantic neutral palette. With perfect shades to 
create any of Rachel's signature look. This is the perfect palette for a soft eye look, but still has a few 
shades to add some definition and dimension to the look. My favourites shades are 90's, tag and push over. 

Shopping - matte icy white
On a break - light yellow champagne
Dinosaur - matte light beige
90's - iridescent light rose
Barney's - matte dusky pink
Tag - bronze shimmer
Chip - true rose gold shimmer
Push over - matte deep rose
Crush - matte dark brown

As Rachel is a fashion queen, her lipstick was going to be very trendy for the time. The Rachel lipstick is a 
deep mauve lipstick with a cool undertone, which is very fitting for the 90's. The packaging is classic and 
the baby pink definitely suits Rachel in the early season of the series. I would describe this as the perfect 
day to night lipstick as it's a cool toned nude but is a deeper shade and can be worn in so many ways.

With every gloss launch there as to be a clear, and I'm glad this is Rachel's lipgloss. A clear gloss is needed 
in everyone's collection, and you get definitely imagine Rachel giving that beauty advice out. This adds 
that extra something to your natural lips or makes a lipstick pop that extra bit more! If you want to pick up 
one lipgloss from this collection, make it this as you can't go wrong with a clear lipgloss. 

Ross' lipgloss definitely came as a shock to me. If anything I would have done a true red for Ross, but 
instead it is a hot pink. The shade is gorgeous and gives off that Barbie vibe, which I love. Out of all the 
glosses, despite having the same formula, this applies the smoothest and feels amazing on the lips.

As you can tell I am beyond obsessed and in love with this collection and cannot wait to see what with 
they do with the series 2 launch later this year. Best put some money aside to make sure I'm ready!



  1. Ah this was an amazing review! I feel exactly the same about Friends, it is my favourite show and I can watch it anytime or all the time. I was so excited when I saw this collection coming out but sadly had to limit myself to a few items although I wish I could've bought the lot!
    I've ordered the Limitless palette, Monica palette, Rachel lipstick and Joey lipgloss - I was wishing that the Joey lipgloss would be icy blue too haha! Hopefully they'll think of that for season 2.
    If you create any looks I can't wait to see them! x

    1. Thank you! I hope you enjoy your makeup. Fingers crossed it's a blue lipgloss next time, that'd be so good x

  2. Friends is my favourite TV show of ALL time. When I was your post pop up on Twitter I had to come read even though I'm not that interested in makeup. I am loving that lobster makeup bag. I definitely think that'll be on my Christmas list this year.
    Also the Joey lipstick should definitely be blue HAHA! Caitylis x x

    1. It's amazing isn't it! I'm so glad you liked the post, it means a lot x

  3. This is the cutest collection, I love the packaging and the colours x

    Gemma Louise

  4. What an incredible review, so in depth, so detailed and so much of it! I love this collection and I am defo going to treat myself to some bits when it's pay day!

    1. Thank you! You should totally pick some bits up x

  5. Oh wow I love this!

  6. Beautiful posts! The shadows looks wonderful! I love the lobster make up bag x

    Joyce |

  7. Aaaahh how cute is this! The packaging is the best! I wonder if we will get this collection here.

  8. What a fun collection! I love everything about it, I think Rachel's palette is my favourite.

    Amy x
    The July Rose