First date recommendations

Small talk over coffee or cocktails isn't exactly the ideal first date, especially once it starts getting 
repetitive. First dates tend to be pretty awkward as it is, opening yourself up to another person and trying 
to keep the conversation going and interesting. Although a first date is important it's key to make sure 
you're not putting too much pressure on yourself for it to be perfect. Find something that fits both of your 
personalities, is fun but gives you a chance to get to know one another.

My favourite dates are when you are visiting somewhere or doing something. My ultimate favourite is the 
zoo. You're walking around, talking about yourself and one another, there's a constant conversation 
happening around you, amazing picture opportunities as well as food at your fingertips. I also love going 
to play mini golf, as this brings out an interesting side of one another where you're wanting to beat the 
other person, and at some places they offer alcohol which helps take the edge off!

If you like going out for meals or a drink for a first date, try switching it up bit. Karaoke bars, pub 
quiz, wine tasting, food market, cat cafe, grabbing a takeaway and watching the sunset are all ways of switching it up to make it more interesting. Even something simple like going out for desert instead 
of a dinner, can make things feel so much more exciting than usual. Activities such as bowling or going to 
the arcade are the perfect atmosphere as there is always a constant conversation around. If you are both 
open to trying new things then check out a burlesque or drag show, go to a cooking class, get a train to a 
new city or even go on a double date for your first date. 

One date that I don't recommend is going to the cinema. This might sound like a great idea. However 
you're meeting for the first time to spend over 2 hours sitting in silence. Unless you plan on doing 
something afterwards I would not recommend this. Another thing is going round to their house. This can 
be a hit and a miss. Be aware that you are inviting someone into your home, you're most vulnerable place. 
If it's a first date or still early days, be careful and weary of certain situations. Only do things you are 
comfortable with and remember to alway stay true to yourself. 



  1. I remember one first date I had, that was a Cinema date and never again haha! It was just a bit too awkward.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. That's why I prefer other dates instead! Wouldn't recommend going to the cinema but everyone is different x

  2. I loved my first dates with my fiance, trying to figure each other and just fancying the pants off of him! We did so much stuff like this, we did crazy golf, dinner dates, days out, the zoo and more! It was great to break the ice and get talking!

  3. These are such good ideas, I find coffee so awkward as you're forced to sit opposite each other and make conversation but doing something makes it so much easier!

    Gemma Louise

    1. I'm the same, a meal I don't mind if I really like the person beforehand x

  4. Love this! Great suggestions :)