10 beauty favourites of 2020

Part of me is regretting not posting this sooner, but better late than never I guess, and if I don't post this 
now then I never will! I've been doing yearly favourites for quite a few years now, but after last year I 
figured there was no point. Most of the time I was at home doing nothing, not trying anything new and just 
using the same products as always, but after going through my blog posts last year I realised I loved more 
products than I remembered, and that after such a negative year, some positivity is needed.

Last year I spent way too much time on Tiktok, however I do also consider that to be a good thing as I've 
discovered so many new brands and products. One of my favourite products that I bought because of 
Tiktok was the W7 overnight lip mask. My lips are often a place that I forget to take care off so having a 
product that does it all for me is perfect. This lip mask contains vitamin e, grape seed oil and aloe vera to 
make sure that your lips are soaking in as much moisture as possible to get hydrated and nourished lips.

I'm very thankful to receive the newest and latest products from Dermalogica. At the end of 2019 I 
received the Dermalogica barrier defense booster* and it's become a staple in my skincare routine ever 
since. This is used to soothe and nourish your skin whilst restoring the skins natural moisture balance. 
This can be used alone, however I like to mix several drops in with my moisturiser and for maximum 
hydration and use all over my face and neck. 

My favourite skincare product are serums. I'm definitely guilty of owning way too many, that I might 
possibly have a lifetime supply. Included in the October me time self care box from Lavella (blog post 
here) was the Grounded Egyptian gold retinol serum*. Being a huge lover of serums and having a few on 
the go, I put this in my drawer until I used a few more up. When I started saying at my boyfriends more 
last year, I took a few products with me and this was one. I'm glad I did because this is now my daily 
serum. This helps target the first signs of ageing, reduce redness and pigmentation, clearing pores and 
blemishes whilst hydrating and moisturising the skin. This is truly a miracle in a bottle.

A product that I always knew I needed and can't believe it took me so long to find and love it, was the Be 
You anti chafing cream*. Being a women with big thighs, they are constantly rubbing together which 
causes a lot of irritation, especially when it starts to get warmer. I've spent so many years applying baby 
powder to the inside of my legs to still end up with cuts and sores on them. The best part about this is that 
it can be used all over the body, including under your boobs and even helps for that time of the month if 
you sanitary towel rubs. Simply apply 1-2 pumps on the area and wait for it to dry, and you're good to go 
for the entire day. I cannot recommend this enough. If you are interested in trying this out you can use my 
discount code "LEAMAIC" for 10% off your first order. More in depth review here.

Perfume is something that I tend to switch up everyday, depending on what I'm doing and the mood I'm 
in. One that I've been loving and reaching for a lot is the Ted Baker Mia perfume. I received a small bottle 
of this a few years ago at Christmas, and picked up a new bottle last year. I managed to use an entire bottle 
last year, because of how much I loved it. My boyfriend then treated me to a new bottle, which I now keep 
in my handbag for when I'm on the go. This has notes of lemon, raspberry and blackcurrant with a 
seductive base of patchouli and golden amber, which mixed together creates a beautiful sassy yet 
sophisticated scent that lasts on the skin all day long.

This year Revolution launched a new add on to their brand; Revolution XX. Their aim for this was 
combining makeup and skincare to have beauty rewired. I purchased so many products from the range but 
my 2 favourites are the  Revolution XX concealer and Revolution XX fauxx brow pencil. The concealer is 
the perfect combination of hydration and coverage, making your under eye area look flawless and not 
cakey or dry like other concealers. The brow pencil is perfect for adding extra definition to the brows and 
the paddle brush on the other end helps blend them out effortlessly for the perfect brows. Full review here.

As someone with very fair skin, I struggle to find bronzers that suit my skin tone without being too dark or 
too orange. Last year I loved using the Essence matt bronzing powder to add some warmth and definition 
to the outer areas of my face. This is the perfect shade for me as its got a warm undertone but isn't orange. 
I also love how this is matte, and I'm not a fan of shimmery bronzers as well as how affordable it is. 

For so long I only used 1 mascara. I constantly repurchased it and couldn't imagine using anything else. 
That was until I received the Eyeko black magic mascara*. This adds so much length and definition to
 my lashes with only 1 coat, without being too thick and clumpy. Although it's a more luxurious mascara,
 I definitely recommend trying if you are struggling to find your perfect mascara.

Something I would've loved to have got last year were lip injections. By the time I got around to it the 
salons were closed because of the pandemic, so I tried to achieve a more plump lip look at home. I started 
to use the Barry M extreme lip plumper (clear). This obviously doesn't give the same look as having lip 
filler, however for only £4.99 you can't complain. I also love the gloss itself as it's a true glossy gloss, 
hydrating on the lips and not too sticky. Sometimes I wear this on its own because it looks so beautiful.


Some of these products were gifted (have been marked with an asterix) to me however this post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own.


  1. The Beyou Chafing cream saved my legs in the summer! I love it!

  2. Replies
    1. It's so gorgeous, and looks natural on the skin too x

  3. I need to try that chafing cream for this summer! I get serious chub run these days haha


    1. I cannot recommend it enough. Such a life saver x

  4. Fab picks. Dermalogica is one of the best brands!

  5. I loved that eyko mascara! My mother in law bought it me of QVC with a liner and I fell in love, I also loved Essence near the end of the year, such an affordable brand and the products are actually really nice! Lovely post xx

    1. Leaves your lashes looking amazing! There's so much more I want to try from Essence. Thank you! x

  6. Barrier Defense is one of my faves too! It is so light but still nourishing and repairing.

    1. It's amazing! Such a stable in my skincare routine now x

  7. Essence are a great brand aren't they? So affordable and everything I have tried from them I've really liked. Some really great products in here xxx

      Zoë - MammafulZo 💕 

    1. They're incredible. Definitely need more hype x

  8. Dermalogica is a great brand and I love the Essence bronzer too!

    Kayleigh x

  9. The lip mask sounds lovely, I get such dry lips so always looking for things like this!

    Gemma Louise

    1. Definitely recommend checking it out. So affordable too x

  10. You've mentioned some great products. Eyeko Black Magic is one of my favourite mascaras too. I definitely need to get my hands on that anti chaffing cream.

    1. It's amazing isn't it. Everyone needs to have the anti chaffing cream in there lives x

  11. I love a good yearly favourites!! So many new products here for me to research.

    Amy x
    The July Rose