Anti-Chafing cream ... does it work? | Gifted

Who knew that having bigs thighs could cause such problems? Not me. I've always had chunky
thighs as that is where a lot of my weight goes. Well there and my hips and bum, but thats a
conversation for another day! I always grew up self conscious of them because everyone had the
 on trend 'thigh gap', but since I've started to love my body I've started to love my thighs. I just don't
love the pain and hassle that comes a long with them. I'm talking about the unfortunate CHUB RUB.

Chub rub is a rash that appears on the inside of your thighs from them rubbing together, typically
during hot weather. For most people this only happens when their legs are exposed. Such as wearing
shorts, dresses or skirts. However for me this also happens when I'm wearing jeans. I don't know how
it happens but it does. I was out shopping a few years back and was reduced to tears (whilst wearing
jeans) because of how intense the chub rub was. I had to go to Boots and pick up some plasters,
which were ridiculously painful to get off later. When I looked I actually had cuts and blisters on the
inside of thighs and was bleeding. So thanks thighs for that one.

Be You recently sent me their anti-chafing cream* and I've never been so grateful for a product.
Although we haven't reached the peak of what little hot weather we do, this has already changed my
life. I'm not using this everyday at the moment, as I don't need to, but it's one of my favourite body
products I've tried. This is designed to allow the skin to breathe and reduce friction.

This is an all natural, ultra hydrating, high performance, vegan cream that provides water resistant
comfort and protection against chafed areas. Unlike other anti-chafing products or hacks (vaseline)
this isn't greasy or sticky and as it's water resistant it doesn't dissolve with water or sweat. This also
combats bacteria by using colloidal silver for it's wonderful healing properties against cuts and
wounds. A pea sized amount is used for each area and massaged into the skin until it's gone clear.

This can be used all over your body in area that chafes, such as; your thighs, under boobs or your
inner thigh during that time of the month due to your sanitary towel rubbing. It's perfect all year
round but especially if during hot weather or if you are doing exercise. The best part about this is
that it is only £12.99. If you haven't already tried this, I cannot recommend it to you enough.


This product was gifted to me however this post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own. (see disclaimer page for more information).


  1. I’ve only heard great things about this product!

  2. Bloody love this cream! A staple in my bag for sure! Xx

  3. I'm glad you have found a product which works for you and makes you more comfortable.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. Took it's time! Can't recommend it enough x

  4. This sounds so good, I really need to try it instead of shorts!

    1. Oh yeah definitely, no more added layers of clothing x

  5. Lol I definitely need anti chafing cream, my thunder thighs are always rubbing together! haha!

    1. I'm the exact same, was in a rush earlier and forgot to put some on. I definitely knew about it when I got home x

  6. I think this sounds fab, it’s great you’ve found a product that works. It’s perfect for the hot weather.

    1. It's about time! I can't believe it took this long to find something that works x

  7. Can't beat it for those like me with thick theighs!

  8. I need this! When I go to the US and the humidity gets me, my thighs get ripped to shreds!

  9. Oh my god, last Summer was an absolute nightmare for me. I suffered so much with chafing. I did actually buy something from Boots and it didn't really work, it weren't cheap either! I remember being at the beach with my friends and we did so much walking, I literally had to keep stopping and apply it every like 20 minutes, I think I ended up throwing it in the bin after that day - I got so arsy with it haha. Will deffo be writing this in my notes app on my phone for this year x

    Megan Elizabeth

    1. I'm not very good in heat in general but this has been a saviour! They often market them for so much because they know that we need them and will by them x