Top 3 Dermalogica products - part 2 | Gifted

It's not secret that I am a huge fan of Dermalogica skincare. They are featured in nearly all of my
favourites and skincare posts because I love their products that much. I was lucky enough to be
added to their PR list last year. This means I've been fortunate enough to try out a wide range of their
skincare and be one of the people to get their new launches. I've tried so many products from them
and I love every single one of them, I'm yet to be disappointed. I did a Top 3 Dermalogica products in
January, and wanted to do a part 2, to share more recommendations for those who are interested in
trying out Dermalogica or those looking for new skincare products.

"Lightweight like a toner but concentrated like a serum. This refreshing formula visibly
 reduces redness and helps to reduce sensitivity by strengthening the skins moisture balance."

I've used so many toners throughout my skincare journey and have found a few favourites. When I
tried this I didn't have any expectations for it and thought it would be the same as any other toner. I
was wrong. This toner has done wonders for my skin. It has helped to reduce the overall redness in
my skin without making it become more sensitive or irritable. I've used this for around 6 months and
am only just starting to run out. Need to get my hands on another one, quickly!

"Supercharged vitamin C eye serum outsmarts visible premature ageing caused by daily eye 
movements and environmental stress. This lightweight serum delivers a highly-bioavailable 
vitamin c complex to dramatically brighten and firms the skin surrounding the eye area."

Using eye creams or gels or serums is something I usually forget about. You are recommended to use
them earlier on in your life to stop the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but I never found one I
liked so just didn't use one. This eye serum is perfect for me. This is super lightweight and is almost a
mixture of a cream and a gel so it also feels cooling under the eyes. This adds the moisture to the skin
surrounding my eyes that has been neglected for so long. It's the last step I needed to perfect! 

"A high performance vitamin C serum that works with the skins own defences to brighten and
 firm. Advanced bio-technology fuses ultra-stable vitamin c and palmitoyl tripeptide-5 helping 
to dramatically reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles."

I'm a sucker for a good serum. Other than removing my makeup with my Face Halo, using a serum is
my favourite step. A serum is recommend to be used 2-3 times a week as it highly concentrated and
intense on the skin. This serum in particular leaves my skin feeling so refreshed and hydrated
immediately, but I can also see a difference days after using this with my skins nourishment.


These products were gifted to me however this post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own. (see disclaimer page for more information).


  1. I’ve always heard great things about dermalogica

  2. I absolutely love Dermalogica, their products are incredible. I’ve not tried these 3 but definitely want to check them out xx

    1. They are so incredible! Truly can't recommend them enough x

  3. I'd loooove to try the Redness Relief Essence! sounds amazing x

  4. I’ve still not tried anything from Dermalogica! Definitely need to! Xx

    1. They are so incredible. Worth all the hype x

  5. The face serum sounds lovely, and at the moment I'm using the eye serum which I do like but I can't rave about it. I'm definitely going to finish it up but I think I need something more hydrating.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. There's so many incredible products from them isn't there x

  6. I really need to try some more things from Dermalogica!

  7. I've heard good things about vitimin C for skincare

  8. Vitamin C and skincare go together like peas and carrots - and my skin needs more of it! Loved reading this post!