Top 3 Dermalogica products | Gifted

Dermalogica is a brand that I've always known about and lusted after. So when I got added to their
PR list year I was beyond excited. Since then I've tried a wide variety of their products out and have
began to love their brand more and more each time something comes through the post. Since
Dermalogica is a 'higher end' skincare brand with some pricy items, I wanted to do this post to
share my top 3 favourites for those who want to try out Dermalogica but are unsure on what to
buy or those who are just wanting to see what I love from them!

Nightly lip treatment
"This is an anti-ageing treatment that is used on the lips and areas surrounding to help smooth the 
appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. This works overnight to hydrate, firm and restore the skin."

When it comes to my lips I don't take care of them as much as I should. I usually end up throwing a
multi purpose balm on them a couple times a week and hope for the best. This has made a huge
difference but I realised I wasn't doing enough when I tried out the nightly lip treatment. This is so
thick and nourishing but doesn't feel heavy, thick or sticky on my lips like other treatments can. I've
also never come across a lip treatment that works to reduce fine lines and wrinkles on the areas
surrounding the lips as well as the lips themselves.

Skin smoothing moisturiser
"This is a next generation moisturiser with Active HydraMesh Technology which infuses the 
skin for 48 hours to hydrate and protect against environmental stress."

This was the first product that I tried from Dermalogica and I'm so thankful for them sending 
this to me, as I absolutely love it. Moisturisers are something I buy a lot of and use daily, but 
can't seem to find my perfect one. I have a few favourites that I use and will continue to 
repurchase but this is at the top of the list. I only need to use a small amount to cover my 
whole face and that small amount leaves my skin feeling so hydrated and nourished. Even by
using this product alone my skin has improved and isn't as visibly dry as it was previously. 

Barrier defence booster
"A concentrated oil booster which soothes, nourishes and moisturises to restore balance to 
sensitive skin, whilst reliving dryness and reinforcing the barrier against future irritation."

This is definitely a product I didn't know existed and that I needed, but now is one that I 

couldn't live without. You can use this on it's own or mixed in with a moisturiser, which I do as 
I find it easier. Since this is a concentrated oil I was worried about how it would react with my 
skin and if it would burn leaving me with irritation, which is one of the reasons I choose to mix 
it in with my moisturiser. Over the past few weeks of me using this, I've noticed my skin feels a 
lot healthier and less sensitive, as well as looking smoother. 

Products on my wish list
Multi-active spray toner
Prisma protect SPF30 moisturiser
Charcoal rescue masque
Overnight clearing gel
Breakout control acne treatment
Sheer tinted moisturiser
Hydrablur primer


These products were gifted to me however this post is not sponsored and all opinions are my own. (see disclaimer page for more information).


  1. I'm dying to try the nightly lip treatment you know! x

    1. It's insane. You won't regret it when you do x

  2. The nightly lip treatment is incredible - cant wait to see more on this!

  3. I need to try more products from Dermalogica, only tried out a couple but they were fab!

    Gemma Louise

  4. I am loving the Barrier Defense Booster too. HAve you tried the Calming Water Gel?

    1. No I haven't, I'll be checking it out though x

  5. Love Dermalgocia, I really rate them and will definitely continue using their products. The lip treatment is really nice, I am using that at present along with the cleansing balm and cream cleanser.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. I'm yet to try a product from them I don't like. I need to try more x