Why I ended my relationship

Out of the five and a half years I've been writing on my blog and the three and a half years I was in a 
relationship, this was a post that I never thought I would be writing. I was going to wait a while 
before talking about this, but this feels like the last thing I have to do in order to close that chapter in 
my life.  I always dreamt of my first relationship, my first engagement and especially this relationship 
not only being my first but also being my only and the last. Sometimes that happens and I'm so happy 
if you've got what you wanted in life, especially with love, but things don't always happen and plan 
out the way you want them too which is just how life works. 

There was no nastiness, cheating or bitterness that happened leading up to this, and obviously I'm not 
going to go into depth about why I felt like I had to make this choice, but no matter how long you've 
been in a relationship your own mental health and happiness always comes first. No matter what age 
you are when you get into a relationship you will always change and evolve into a different person, 
just like you would if you were single. It's part of life and there's nothing wrong with that. We do not 
hate each other and still respect each other. I still talk to him occasionally and know what he's up too, 
as I do in fact work with his parents and we all get on which I am extremely grateful for. 

So over the three and a half years I was with my ex, we both changed and evolved and found 
ourselves being more of friends than an engaged couple, which is unfortunate but sometimes these 
things happen and can't be stopped. Whether we get back together in the future is another question, 
but for now we are friends and we are both more than happy with that. Coming to the decision of 
ending not only a relationship, but also an engagement wasn't an easy decision to make. We had 
talked for months and worked through things however at this moment in time it just wasn't working. I 
was worried as to how I was going to cope and handle the situation as I've never experienced a 
breakup before, however I am doing beyond ok and am really proud of myself for going through this 
time better than I could have imagined. 

One of the hardest part of any breakup is getting your things back and having to go through memories 
that you won't get to add to again. Since we were living together at his house for 5 months, I had 
doubles of products, and an entire kitchen worth of items (for when we moved out together) to bring to mine and go through. It took an entire weekend to sort and after many tears it's all sorted. 

I feel like there are also going to be questions about our dog Eddie, so I'll set the record straight now. 
Eddie is still living with Liam and will continue to live their, as that's always been his home and it's 
not fair to move him around. However I have seen him since and will continue to see him regularly. I 
know that I don't have to write this post, however it gives me a sense of closure to write this 
and also provides an explanation for you, since I chose to share that part of my life with you. To 
anyone who is going through a breakup or is coming to terms with ending a relationship then I 
want to wish you all the best and advise you talk to someone close around you, but also to put your 
happiness first no matter what. 

I am so lucky to have friends and family around me that support me and are always there 
for me to talk to. I believe in myself and am so proud of myself for getting to this point.



  1. hopefully things will be looking up & up & up gal xx

  2. Sending love and good vibes lovely!!

  3. Sending lots of hugs. I can imagine it has been a horrible experience to go through. But, you're strong. I'm so glad you still get on with eachother, you're super lucky. At the end of the day, you can't control your feelings xxx

    Megan Elizabeth

    1. Thank you! We're definitely very lucky to still get on and respect one another x

  4. Onwards and upwards girl, I believe everything happens for a reason x

    Gemma Louise

  5. Ah sorry to hear that, but I am glad you are doing okay. Also, I am glad you prioritised your self and happiness.

  6. Everything does happen for a reason and time is a great healer, I hope you are doing well.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  7. You've got this babe! You did it for you and I believe you should always trust your instincts! x

    Maiya | maiyabellexo.co.uk

    1. Thank you! Definitely, got to stick to your gut x