Why more women need to talk about sex

Women talking about sex has always been presented in a negative light. The thought of women 
having sex, with multiple partners, enjoying it more than men do rather, than being societies idea 
of 'pure' has always been portrayed for as long as I can remember. When I reached high school, boys 
would be high fived for having sex, whilst the girls were being labelled as 'slags' and 'easy'.

I wrote a post last month about the stigma around sex toys and why it needs to end. This received so
much positive feedback that I wasn't expecting, and still over a month later I'm getting messages
about how much people loved that post. That post inspired me to write this one. But also because I sit
and think about the amount of women who are shy or scared to talk about sex because of the labels,
verbal abuse and slurs that come along with it. 

I love sex. I love talking about it and having it. And I'm not embarrassed to say that. I'm not going 
to sit here and talk about details and things, because that's an intimate part of my life that involves 
another person, however sex itself as a whole should be talked about.

"Sex is a human thing and it's just as important for women to talk about it as a man. We need 
to own our bodies and our sexuality and not shy away from the topic because it brings education 
on the subject, for not only your partner(s) but also for other women and, helps them feel more 
confident when talking about the subject." - female

I know so many men in my life that would happily sit there for hours and talk about sex, and fantasise 
about the idea of women talking about it and being proud and confident with their lives. However as
soon as a women opens her mouth to talk about the exact same things that he is, a disgusted face
washes over his. Suddenly it seems like his opinion and respect for her has decreased. But what
he forgets is he is talking about the same thing. Names are called and before you know it the
conversation has ended. This has happened to me so many times, and is one of the many reasons
 I'm writing this post. 

I'm thankful to live in a world where women are becoming more confident within themselves and 
their bodies, and owning their sexuality but I still find it shocking that women are scared to talk about
a topic that is happening 24/7. Women need to talk about sex more, because we need to stop letting
other people think they are in control of us and have a hold over us. It's so important to have a healthy
relationship with sex and understand the emotional and physical side that comes along with it, which
only comes from communication and education. 

"Women need to talk more about sex because they are the ones who are in control of it. Women 
gain a lot more pleasure from the experience and need to be open to owning that. I have no idea 
why boys were rewarded and girls were bullied for it, but it needs to stop, especially as we are 
constantly evolving in the world and society in regards to sex and sexuality." - male

When you get with a new partner, it's important to talk about your likes and dislikes. But since kinks 
and fetishes have become more known, it can be hard and scary to talk about your own. Talking about
the more 'intimate' details will often help to bring you closer together and understand one another
more, making the overall experience of sex more enjoyable for both parties. I find a lot of men will
often want to be with a women who has only been with him, and is classed as 'pure' but find it
insulting when us women want the same from them.

"Women need to talk about it more, but I'm afraid that it will always be perceived like that 
and have the negativity surrounding it, just because of how we've been bought up. We need 
more education and knowledge around it early on to stop this happening." - male

More women need to talk about sex, not just because of the positives and pleasures that come along 
with it but also because it then becomes a lot easier to acknowledge and talk about discomfort and 
pain. We all like to think that sex is like it is in the movies but it's not. Forget the candles and clothes 
coming off easily. More like awkward positions, laughter and some interesting sounds.

"It goes back to the saying 'women should be seen, not heard'. Women were just expected to do 
it and get on with it, when now it's for pleasure." - female



  1. absolutely loved this, ur amazing!!!x

  2. This is a wicked post!! I work in online dating so it is everyda convos for me but it's true, people need to be more open about it!