Binge worthy TV shows

We have all found ourselves in the same position, with way too much time on our hands. Most of us
have been decorating or doing tasks around the house that we never thought they'd get done. Now
we're bored and are struggling to find things to do. Yes TV isn't always the best option, but in this
case I think it is, plus it's stopping us from going mad. Since we all have some time on our hands,
why not binge a bunch of different TV shows. I've seen loads of these posts about and have loved
finding different recommendations that I wanted to share some of mine!

If you haven't heard about this series you have definitely been living under a rock. This is one of the
craziest shows I've ever watched. So much bizarre stuff happens that half the time I didn't even notice
because it was so normal! It is murder, mayhem and madness, as the title suggests. The series is
following the abuse and captivity of tigers being in the wild, but particular through a handful of
different sanctuaries/zoos. They are all rivals and have it out for each other, which ends up with
murder attempts and imprisonment. There is also a 40 minute added episode following the social
media craze regarding the series. Trigger warning - some scenes include animal abuse, which some
may find disturbing. The majority of the show doesn't display this though.

Full House is late 80's sitcom based in San Francisco about a dad looking after his 3 children.
Needing help his best friend and brother-in-law move in to help. As imagine a house with that many
people, a lot happens. Fuller House is the sequel and takes place over 20 years later. With the same
storyline, instead one of the daughters (DJ) living in the same house raising her 3 children alone,
needing help. It's such an easy going but hilarious show that definitely doesn't get enough credit.

I guarantee that nearly even has watched or at least heard of How I Met Your Mother. It's a classic
go-to show like Friends, Modern Family or Brooklyn 99 that is about a group of 5 friends all living in
New York. The story is based around Ted, explaining the story of how he met his wife to his children
in the year 2030. Obviously it's not that straight forward as it's set over 10 seasons, but is a show
everyone needs to watch. This is one of my favourite shows and one I will rewatch over and over.

A modernised reboot of the 1980's sitcom. A billionaire family based in Atlanta with their work 
and personal life drama, marriages and divorces, fake weddings, murders the lot. I love this show 
and am so happy that the third season has just been launched on Netflix. This is a classic rich family
drama show. Think Gossip Girl meets Jane The Virgin meets The Real Housewives.

This is a really odd and troublesome series to watch, but it something that you can just throw on in
the background. Patty used to be the outcast, but after loosing weight and entered into pageants her
outcast status started to rub off. It is your typical trashy shows that somehow manages to grip you in
without realising it. There are only 2 seasons available as it got cancelled after its most recent season.
Trigger warning - there is a lot of fat shaming, mentions of eating disorders and bullying throughout this that some may find offensive. 

I spoke about this docu-series in my must watch crime documentaries and although the hype around
this has died down, it's such a gripping show to watch. This about a bunch of internet strangers that
come together to help find an abuser who posts his victims (animal and people) online. There are only
3 episodes, but they are an hour long each, yet it is so gripping you'll have watched them all without
moving off the sofa! Trigger warning - some clips are disturbing to watch however they are only
shown for a short period of time and can be hard to make out the full image.



  1. I have heard so much about Tiger King, but I just can't watch it due to the animal abuse.

    I've been watching Waterloo Road from back in the day, and I want to re-start Spooks.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. It's such a good documentary/show. The animal abuse isn't featured as heavily as you think, maybe watch it with someone so they can give you a heads up x

  2. I love HIMYM! I think it might be time for another rewatch!

    1. So good isn't it! I just recently rewatched it x

  3. I literally haven't seen any of these haha! need to add them to my list x

  4. I devoured Tiger King in one weekend. I am currently just about to start the final season of Dexter - we started it one week before lockdown! I love a bingeable tv show!

    1. Only ever seen clips of Dexter but it looks amazing x