Summer body care

It might not officially be summer for another 19 days (I'm not counting!) but the weather is slowly
picking up and getting warmer. In England we have very up and down summers. The past few years
we've been blessed and had beautiful weather, but it's almost too good to be true, so fingers crossed
we get another hot summer this year. No matter what the weather is it's still important to take care of
your skin, but even more in the summer when its get dry and dehydrated.

Instead of jumping straight in with moisturiser, find a shower gel or body wash that it nourishing
 too. I personally love the Imperial Leather foamburst shower gels because you're left feeling
super hydrated and clean from only using a small amount. Every time I use a new shower gel, I
always end up going back to this because of how incredible it is. 

An added but necessary step that I've just started doing is using the Be You anti-chafing cream*.
This has been a life saver for chub rub, especially any time it gets hot. It has changed my life and I
can't recommend it enough. Summer is the worst time for chub rub, so I will be carrying this on me at
all times. This uses colloidal silver to heal any wounds and cuts that are caused, and only takes a pea
size amount to work. Check out my full review on this here.

Obviously the most important part about making sure you're taking care of your body for summer is
the body lotion itself. My all time favourite, and has been for years, is the Vaseline spray and go 
body lotion. This is enriched with aloe to keep the skin nourished and hydrated for longer. This is
best when used daily, but if days are missed the skin still feels nourished and refreshed.

If you are anything like me then, the hot weather just means that you're going to burn instead of
getting a nice tan! I love having a tan, but it's not my main priority. If I do want when then I always
fake it. I'm not good at using proper fake tan so the Garnier summer gradual tan moisturiser is
perfect for me. This adds all the moisture to the skin that a regular body lotion does, but is mixed
together with self tan for that subtle all over glow! This also comes in a variety of different shades,
depending on how intense you want your tan. Since I am so fair, I stick with the light shade. 

None of these products include SPF, so make sure to apply your desired sun cream before
going out in the sun to avoid extra damages to your skin. I'm enjoying the Dermalogica 
invisible physical defence with SPF 30* and the Ringana sunscreen with SPF 20*


This post does contain gifted items (marked with an Asterix) however this post is no sponsored. See disclaimer page for more information.


  1. I love the gradual tan products, such a lovely idea for summer - definitely need to check out the shower gel as well sounds fab xx

    1. The shower gel is my number one obsession! Can't get enough of it x

  2. Some really great products in here

  3. I lvoe imperial later shower gel they always smell so good!

  4. I swear by all of these products - summer ignites my vaseline passion! love this post!

    1. Incredible aren't they! Waiting until payday so I can buy some more x

  5. The Foamburst Shower Gels are some of my favourites, they're also really good for using as a shaving cream :)

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. So good! Can't remember the last time I used shaving cream x

  6. i've heard such good things about the vaseline sprays! x

    1. They're incredible! Just picked up some more because I was running low x

  7. I love the imperial leather foam bursts, my toddler is obsessed with them too!

    Gemma Louise

    1. They're incredible! Need to get my hand on some more too x