Lavella's October me-time self care box | AD spon

This is a product only AD with Lavella beauty

It's no secret that I'm a huge lover of subscription boxes. No matter what the subscription box, I am always 
intrigued and wanting to get my hands on it, but even more so if it's beauty related. I was originally 
introduced to this company by Katie Floss' blog and immediately knew that I had to try them out (check 
out here June, and August subscription box review here). I am very thankful that Lavella Beauty sent me 
this box in order to review, however I would've definitely purchased one for myself otherwise.

Lavella Beauty provide luxurious beauty and wellbeing treatments at their Warwickshire shopping park 
salon. They have recently launched a bi-monthly subscription box that includes a minimum of 4 luxury 
self care products, perfect for that me-time. Each box retails for a total of £30, including delivery. If you 
are interested in the boxes but do not want to sign up for the subscription service you can purchase a one 
off me-time box for only £35 each plus £2.50 postage.

Made by Cooper room and pillow mist (full size RRP £16.50)
"With a blend of lavender, frankincense and chamomile to help unwind and destress, you can spray this 
throughout the air or onto your linens to help you drift off into a blissful, natural and calming sleep."

"A multifunctional sleep balm with a mix of lavender and frankincense essential oils to destress and 
hemp oil to soothe the skin. The mixture of essentials oils combined with the moisturising Shea 
butter helps reduce stress and worry, by soaking directly into the skin for a good nights sleep."

"If you're going to sleep, why not do it in style. This eye mask is super stylish with a bright positive 
pattern, whilst being silky and soothing your eyes. With a super cute stylish pouch for easy storage."

Grounded Egyptian gold retinol serum (full size RRP £39.99)
"Skincare is anyones best friend. This anti-ageing retinol serum contains hyaluronic acid to help target 
dark circles, fine lines and wrinkles whilst adding hydration to the skin. The Egyptian gold serum 
helps to stimulate the production of new skin cells to leave you looking young and youthful."

"Looking for the perfect makeup remover that is beneficial for both your skin and the environment? Well 
here it is. This cleansing pad can be used with water to remove makeup and cleanse the skin, without 
harsh ingredients in other makeup removers and the excessive waste that comes with makeup wipes."

"No self care time is complete without candles. This pack of 10 tea lights is perfect for helping 
your unwind after a long day. Placing them around the room or along the bath to set a calming 
scene, with the eucalyptus scent transforms you to a soothing environment."

 October's Lavella self care box retails for a total of £79.97 saving you a total of £49.97 (inc. delivery). 
If you are interested in trying out this box for yourself or even purchasing one for a friend or family 
member, then make sure to use my discount code 'LAVELLA20' for 20% of your first order.


This is an product only AD in partnership with Lavella Beauty. See disclaimer page for more information.


  1. This is such a fab box! I love subscription boxes! I have that clean sponge and it's like the face halo x

    Joyce |

    1. Me too. Like Christmas came early! It is and a cheaper alternative too x

  2. I saw this post earlier on Insta and was like OMGGGG!
    I want it all - especially the pillow mist :)


  3. Love room mists and those which you spray on your pillow before bed, I find them so relaxing!

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  4. That Clean Sponge sounds great!