April to August favourites

If you read my last favourites post (read here) then you will know that instead of doing monthly 
favourites, I have changed it every 4 months. This gives me a chance to try out more products in a decent 
amount of time and give you recommendations that I actually love. However this means I haven't shared 
my favourites since April, and so much has changed since then. I've tried so many new products and fell 
in love with doing my makeup all over again. We are in a new type of 'lockdown' where we can go out, 
but it's not advised and we all have to wear masks. The next time I'll be doing a favourites post is in 
December, and who knows what will have happened and changed by then. Lets keep our fingers crossed 
that it's all good and positive from here out, because 2020 hasn't really been the best to experience.

Back in June, I was lucky enough to be sent a brand new razor. Although shaving isn't exciting, and this 
sounds like any other razor, it's not. This is 100% vegan brand that has a 5 blade razor which is designed 
for a pain free shaving process, whilst also being pain free for your wallet and the planet. Each cartridge 
also has a small moisture bar on the head which nourishes and hydrates the skin whilst removing hair. The 
task of shaving no longer seems like a chore and I actually look forward to it and how my skin feels after.

When the weather blessed us Be You, reached out to me and asked if I wanted to try their anti-chafing 
cream. As a girl with big thighs and a sufferer of chub rub, I jumped at the chance. I cannot put into words 
how much of a life saver this has been. I like to use 2 pumps on each thigh, to make sure the area is fully 
covered, and this ensures I'm protected for the entire day. We've had some very hot days this year, and this 
has been a life saver. I have recommend this to everyone I know and love it so much. Full review here.

Whilst in lockdown, a lot of us have spent a lot of time on TikTok. For me this has been both a blessing 
and a curse. A curse because I've spent way too much time scrolling through the app, laughing and crying 
at videos. However it's been a blessing as I've discovered so many amazing creators as well as small 
businesses. I often look at #smallbuissness and I stumbled across a women, who sells a bunch of beauty 
items. Unfortunately the product I wanted was out of stock so I had a browse on Amazon to see if I could 
find it and thankfully I did. The W7 overnight lip mask is absolutely incredible. This smells amazing, 
whilst being super thick and hydrating the lips for hours after. The smallest amount goes the longest way, 
and has become the perfect step in my skincare routine that I never knew I needed.

A makeup launch that I was so grateful for was the sister/spinoff brand for Revolution; XX Revolution. 
It's very rare that I'm caught off guard by an entire new brand, but this is one that did it. The tagline of 
'evolving makeup and skincare into one' definitely pulled me in. I tried out a wide variety of products from 
them but I fell in love with their concealer. This is everything I've been looking for in a concealer. Full 
coverage whilst being hydrating too. After mixing concealers together for years this has finally taken over 
and become exactly what I wanted.  Full review on the collection here

Brows are something I struggle with (read why here), so once I find a brow product I like I tend to 
repurchase it over and over again. I decided to try out a new brow pencil from XX Revolution and I'm so 
glad I did. The fauXX brow pencil is the perfect shade for my brows, allows me to have full control and 
precision throughout the application whilst having a unique brush to blend out the product that works 
perfectly for what I'm looking for. I honestly cannot recommend this enough and I will be picking up 
another when I go into my local Boots. Full review on the collection here.
A few months ago I was kindly sent 2 mascaras from Eyeko, and I was extremely hesitant to try them out. 
I had been faithful to my trusty £2 mascara for over 5 years and trying a new mascara was not something I 
was prepared to do. I'm glad I did because my lashes have never looked so good. This has a slightly 
curved bristle wand, which makes application super easy as it coats each lash in one easy and simple motion. Although this is a bit more pricey for a mascara than what I would usually go for, I think I can 
justify it because of how much I love it and how it leaves my lashes looking for the day ahead. 

This is the latest product I've tried out and I wasn't sure whether to include it or not as I've only been using 
it for about 2 weeks now. The reason I am is because after using lip glosses for years, it's so hard to find 
one that feels nice, sits comfortably on your lips and isn't sticky. It is very rare that I use coloured gloss, as 
I prefer the look of a clear gloss with a nude lipstick underneath or even alone. This is advertised as an 
'extreme' lip plumper. This does plump your lips, and will leave them feeling tingly (so be aware of that 
beforehand), however I wouldn't say it's an 'extreme' difference. However the gloss itself, without the 
plumping aspect, is perfect and adds leaves your lips feeling hydrated and super glossy without the fear 
of getting your hair stuck in your lip gloss throughout the day! 

What have you been loving?


This post does contain gifted items (marked with an Asterix). However this post is not sponsored.  See disclaimer page for more information.


  1. I didn't wear make up for so much of lockdown and it shows in my taste of make up - I'm so behind the times! I've only heard good things about the XX Revolution concealer - I'm gonna buy some for myself now!

    1. It's beyond amazing! I already want more of it x

  2. I still want to try that anti-chafing cream!! And that lip mask sounds interesting xx

    Megan Elizabeth

    1. The anti-chafing cream is amazing! Cannot recommend it enough x

  3. I have the Eyeko Mascara to try out too, I picked it up in the Limited Edition Roccabox, hopefully its a good one!

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  4. Nice picks! The razor sounds great.


    1. It's amazing, I definitely recommend trying it out x

  5. The XX revolution products look really good! I love favourites posts, I havent done one in ages!

    1. They're amazing! Definitely want to try more from them x