Brow tips for blondes

I love having blonde hair, but sometimes it can be a nightmare. I recently did a post about hair care for 
blondes, which can be a tricky task to uphold. The same as this post - brows. For so long I struggled with 
my brows. Whether it was being too heavy handed, them being too cool or warm in comparison to my hair 
or them just looking absolutely awful. We definitely all went through a stage at some point, where our 
brows looked awful and I could only wish that I read something like this when I started.

Having blonde hair means that it can be really difficult to find the right shade, as there are so many 
different variations and tones of blonde hair. My hair is a mixture of a dirty blonde with a golden 
undertone, making it more warm. A few years ago I heard that if you have light hair you can go 2 shades 
darker with your brow products, and if you have dark hair then you can go 2 shades lighter. I have stuck 
with this rule and that has allowed me to get a base line for what shades I should be using on my brows.

Golden, warm hair - light or blonde brow products
Ashy, cool hair - taupe or blonde brow products
Darker, dirty blonde - taupe or light brown brow products

Once you have found your shade, you're then faced with the challenge of choosing which product to use. 
This is why it's important to know what kind of brow look you like and think suits your face the best. I 
personally like a more defined natural looking brow, so I choose a pencil. This helps me have complete 
control and precision when it comes to how natural or bold I'd like my brows. However not all brow 
pencils are the same, even if they're from the same brand, so don't be afraid to try multiple brands out but 
also multiple products from the same brand, as they're all so different. 

I have tried so many brow pencils over the years and I am currently loving the XX Revolution fauXX 
brow pencil and the Loreal brow artist Xpert brow pencil. However I am not a fan of the XX Revolution 
XXfine micro brow pencil or the Loreal high control brow pencil. The brow pencils I like have a thicker 
nib which I prefer as I find them easier to control, whereas the finer nib pencils are a lot harder to use.

Pencils - defined, precise and clean brow
Pomades - bold more intense brow
Powder - soft and natural brow
Gel/mascara - adds texture and sets in place

- Don't over pluck your brows
- Consider different methods
- Remember less is more
- ALWAYS blend
- Start of light, you can always add more
- Don't be afraid to use multiple shades



  1. I haven't tried many brow products in my time, I tend to stick to the same couple of brands, my favourite being Anastasia Beverley Hills.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. I've only ever used the dip-brow from Anastasia but I didn't get on with it. I'm interested in trying their brow pencils though x

  2. I never have this problem, I have bush man eyebrows haha

    1. I love a good full brow! You should embrace it x

  3. Great tips! I love my ABH Dip Brow Pomade! such a good product.

    1. I didn't get on with that, but always looks amazing on others x

  4. Some great tips here! I use a tattoo pen and blend and it's so easy x

    Joyce |

    1. I've tried tattoo pens, and didn't get on with them. Definitely interested in trying them out again x