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This is a product only AD with Noughty Hair

Being blonde is very high maintenance, especially if you have dyed hair. Although many people think that 
my hair is dyed, it is in fact natural. This makes taking care of it slightly easier but not as much as you 
would think. Factors such as the sun and water can have a huge affect in your hair. There are so many 
different types of blonde out there that finding the right products for you can be so hard to find. As 
blonde's often get very brassy quickly, a lot of people opt for a purple or silver shampoo and container. 
This is perfectly fine, but since you can't use those all the time it's important to make sure you're still using 
high quality products aimed at blondes when you're not trying to tone your hair back to it's original shade.

I have seem Noughty Hair on my social media for so long and am so thankful to have been sent some of 
their products to try out. Noughty hair are a cruelty free and vegan company that bring balance to your 
beauty choices with over 80 years experience. All of their products are 97% natural and completely 
sustainable. They are a transparent brand that are completely honest and upfront about what they are
 about and use in their products to ensure full trust with their customers. They have 10 ranges available to 
choose from to ensure that each customer has something that fits their needs and desires. If you are unsure 
about what products are best for you then you can take their hair quiz, which recommends what they thing 
is best and ideal for you based on the information you include.

As I wanted to focus on enhancing my blonde hair I chose the blondie locks shampoo and blondie locks 
conditioner. These aim to brighten and enhance the blonde in your hair without using harsh chemicals to 
achieve so. These are 97% natural, gentle and sulphate free. Instead they use lemon peel and chamomile 
extracts amongst 11 amino acids to provide that blonde enhancing power. The shampoo lathers up 
perfectly and the condoner glides on evenly. Neither are too thick or heavy which is definitely something 
I look for in hair care as I have long hair and do not want to weigh it down even more. Since these are 
aimed at colour treated blondes they are extra hydrating and nourishing on the hair which leaves it 
feeling super soft and silky as well as smelling incredibly fresh. 

If you feel like you need a pick me up for your hair and don't want to pay the 
hairdressers fees, check out Noughty Hair for a professional feel at home.


This is an product only AD in partnership with Noughty Hair. See disclaimer page for more information.


  1. I reckon I need these! I’ve never done anything to protect my blonde hair!

  2. Ooo these look good! Love the packaging!

  3. These sound nice, I have recently gone even blonder so I may look these up.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  4. I definitely need to check out their other products x

    Joyce |

    1. Can't believe how many ranges they have available x

  5. I need to do something for my hair, it is in a state! Your hair always looks so shiny and full of life!

    1. Thank you lovely! Hasn't always been like this x

  6. these look amazing! I need to try them! X