Current makeup favourites

A few years ago I used to wear makeup every single day without fail. Whether I was staying in, going 
out or just nipping to the shops. I couldn't leave the house without my makeup on. Over the last few 
years I've started to improve on my skin and only wear makeup for me, not for other people. All of 
this aside I still love buying and testing out new makeup, and seeing what different looks I can create. 

Over the last month I've found some new products or rekindled my love for old favourites again, and 
since I haven't done a favourites post in a while, I wanted to share my my current makeup favourites 
with you, because I love them all so much and don't hear enough people talking about them.

The ELF poreless putty primer has had it's 5 minutes of fame, after Jeffree Star did a video dedicated 
to trying this out and how much he loved this. It was out of stock everywhere for months but now, 
nobody is talking about it. I however can't recommend it or use it enough. The putty texture helps to 
fill in your pores and give your face a smooth canvas. It doesn't stick to any dry patches and leaves 
my makeup looking flawless. For a more in depth review, click here.

Since Spring is right around the corner I have found myself reaching for the Loreal life's a peach 
blusher as it's the perfect transition shade from Winter to Spring. This warms up your cheeks with a 
light wash or peach and a instant glow. I also like apply a small amount to my eyelids as a simple and 
easy eyeshadow look. For a more in depth review on this collection, click here.

Highlighter is definitely my favourite part of doing my makeup. I have an entire drawer dedicated to 
my highlighter obsession so you can imagine how many favourites I have. Liquid highlighter is 
something I've always found quite tricky to use and it tends to separate my foundation and not blend 
very well. Recently I decided to try out the Barry M liquid chrome highlighter (precious pearl) again 
and I fell in love. I apply this to my cheeks, nose and chin after my foundation, before doing my 
concealer and setting everything else in place. This helps give my skin that extra added radiance and 
glow from within, before I add a powder highlighter. For a more in depth review, click here.

After I've used the liquid highlighter and set my face I will take a tiny amount of the Jaclyn Hill 
beaming light loose highlighter (extra) to make sure my face is truly blinding. The shade I have 
is a dazzling white gold which is perfect for my fair skin tone and is the most highly pigmented 
highlighter I've ever seen or used. A small amount goes a long way, but if you are after that intense 
glow I can't recommend this enough. 

We all know how the Jeffree Star X Shane Dawson conspiracy collection went down, and although 
this hasn't been restocked yet I still wanted to share my love for the gloss (Shane Glossin'). This is 
hands down the best lip gloss and overall lip product that I have ever tried. This is truly moisturising 
and nourishing on the lips, so much that I sometimes apply this instead of a lip balm, it's not sticky so 
you're hair won't get stuck in it, and this is a glossy gloss with the highest shine. If you are wanting to 
try anything from this post or this collection, I recommend waiting for this to be restocked and trying 
it out for yourself. For a more in depth on this collection, review here.

Last month we was finally blessed with another collaboration from Morphe x Jaclyn Hill. The vol 2 
palette is a new obsession of mine and didn't take long to get to that place. The palette is described as 
the sexy older sister to the original and that couldn't be more accurate. At first this palette can look 
quite daunting because of the bright bold shades however this is a really wearable palette as it gives 
you the chance to create a variety of looks from natural everyday makeup to intense night out glam. I 
can't wait to see what she creates in the future. For a more in depth review, click here.



  1. ohhh I love elf!! I just got there eye cream which is absolutely amazing. Loved this post. very creative

    1. I haven't tried their skincare, but the magnetic face mask looks so interesting x

  2. I keep meaning to pick up the ELF poreless putty primer, it sounds so good!

    Gemma Louise

    1. It's amazing! I can't recommend it enough. They have 3 versions, so you can find one for you depending on your skin type x

  3. I wouldn't mind trying the Elf Primer I must admit, in fact, speaking of Elf. I picked up some of their skincare yesterday in TKMAxx to try, I am hoping it is nice.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. I can't recommend the primer enough. I haven't heard much about their skincare, but it always looks so good! x

  4. I love the sound of the primer and the powder highlighter! I rarely wear makeup these days, so don't really buy much anymore.

  5. I've been wanting to try that ELF primer! And the Jaclyn palette is so pretty x

    Joyce |

  6. That ELF primer is actually a budget friendly make up game changer!! That palette has hearts in my eyes! Great post!

  7. the ELF primer is verrrry high on my list to try! x