Barry M liquid chrome highlighters

Along with launch of Makeup Revolution's liquid highlighters, Barry M launched their own version; liquid chrome. What better than another drugstore brand releasing more highlighters for us to buy and test out. There might be so many around but is there such thing as too much makeup?! The week that Barry M dropped these highlighters, I ran out to my nearest Superdrug to get my hands on them.

There are 5 shades that range from light pinks to more bronze shades, which helps suit a variety of different skin tones. When a new collection launches I like to get my hands on all of the colours available, or as many as I can, not only to review and share but also for the minor ocd side of me! 

Each shade has an appropriate name such as; moon potion, and all have the same smooth silky texture which applies and blends out easily onto the skin. The droplet applicator helps to get control over how much or how little product that you want to use to get your desired look. Not only would these look great on top of your cheeks bones and down your nose, but also on your body to
extenuate your features such as your; collar bones. 

For best application I would recommend using these before or after your foundation and
concealer with your fingers or a damp beauty sponge, rather than applying after your base
 has been set due to the highlighter separating and picking up the products you have just used. 

I would recommend each shade to try, no matter what your skin tone, but especially if you are wanting a 'popping' (can't believe I just wrote that ... cringe) highlighter. These can be found in
Superdrug or Boots for only £6.99 each.


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