Jaclyn Hill X Morphe VOL 2

It seems like forever since we got a new Jaclyn Hill palette so this is definitely needed. It's been two 
and half years since the launch of her original palette and a year and a half since the launch of her 
vault collection. This was only announced less than a week ago and the makeup world has been going 
mad for it, even though it was leaked before Jaclyn had the chance to announce herself. I am always 
going to love anything that Jaclyn launches and creates but even more with her eyeshadow palettes.

This launched February 13th at 4pm and I get my parcel the next day, less than 18 hours later, and 
was the perfect Valentines Day gift from me to me. This palette is even more beautiful in person than 
it is in photos. There are so many amazing shades in this that I can't even begin to think which shade 
could be my favourite. These are created with the same formula as her previous palettes, expect for 
the shimmer shades which have been improved for more intensity and payoff. 

Each shadow applies evenly and smoothly to the eyes with no fall out and intense pigmentation that 
makes them easy to blend. All of the shades are new with the exception of 'temptress' which was 
featured in the Dark Magic palette as part of the Vault Collection. Jaclyn decided to include this as it 
is loved my so many, especially makeup artists as its a true black that is easy to blend, due to the 
small amount of shimmer throughout, unlike other black eyeshadows.

Certified - matte pearl
I'm in it - satin cotton
Love handles - matte peach
Comfort zone - matte nutmeg
Perfectionist - matte nectarine
Ride-or-diamonds - shimmering rose copper
Thick skin - matte terracotta 

No joke - matte dandelion
Taliya - shimmering gold leaf
Feelin' myself - matte tangerine
Homebody - matte mahogany 
GRWM - shimmering natural copper
Boujee - shimmering peach belline 
Drama queen - shimmering pink diamond

Flawed & awed - shimmering marmalade 
G-Money - matte mustard seed 
Positivi-tea - matte electric coral
My man - matte neon orange 
Grateful - matte clay brick
Heart on - matte strawberry daiquiri
Livin' my best - matte cherry with pink sparkle

A moment - shimmering lilac 
Therapy sesh - matte orchid
Lolli mama - matte fuchsia 
Tipsy girl - matte hot pink
Empowered - shimmering raspberry jam
Next - matte sangria
Dance party - matte fruit punch

Stay true - matte berry
Not my journey - matte amethyst with pink sparkle
Good place - satin purple tulip
Paolo - shimmering fig
Oh, hello! - matte black raspberry
Crazy - matte merlot
Temptress - glinting pitch black

This has a total of 35 shades. 23 matte shades, 9 shimmer shades, 2 satin and 1 glint shade. Each 
row has a total of 7 shades each. Row 1 is your more natural transition shades. Row 2 has some 
warmer shimmer shades with a pop of yellow. Row 3 is a pop of colours with a few orange tones. 
Row 4 is full of bright pinks and reds. Row 5 is purple and berry tones. All shades work together 
to create a loud, bright palette that everyone needs in their collection. The hotter older sister to the 
original palette that launched 2 years ago. A well deserved dramatic glow up.

This can be found on the Morphe website and in stores for £39 alongside the original palette.
You can check out my Jaclyn Hill x Morphe original palette review from 2017 here and the 
Jaclyn Hill Vault collection review from 2018 here.



  1. What a GORGEOUS palette wowowowoowow I need it in my life!

  2. Such a gorgeous and versatile palette! Ideal for those who create lots of different looks!

    Gemma Louise

  3. those shimmers are absolutely unreeeeeaaal x

  4. Visually it is a lovely palette, although the majority of these shades would be lost on me as I just wouldn't wear them. It is a nice palette for those who like to be a bit more adventurous.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. I thought that, but I think they're more wearable when you break them down into categories rather than looking at the palette as a whole x