Jeffree Star x Shane Dawson collection review

I can't quite believe after knowing this collection was coming out for over a year, and watching
everything come together in the documentary over the last month, it was finally released and I
managed to get my hands on it all. Trust me it wasn't an easy process to get hold of this. If you've 
been following along or tried to get hold of it yourself then you will know, that every and any
 website around the world that sells Jeffree Star cosmetics crashed at 5pm Friday November 1st.

I had a small strategy in my head but it definitely didn't help me in relations to actually getting the
items. I made sure to add everything to my wish list that I wanted, so when I could get on the website
I could swap it to my bag and check out. That didn't exactly happen. Thankfully it took me only 20
minutes to get online and check out, but without a confirmation email, and the money missing from
my bank I was wondering whether it was successful or not. An hour later and I got my confirmation
email and not going to lie, I shed a little tear. I'm so happy that I managed to get everything I wanted
and it was even better than I expected.

After watching the documentary I've started noticing the packaging of makeup more. I always 
admired it but now you can tell who puts time and effort into what their products look like, rather 
than people who want to get it launched quickly. Jeffree tests out so many designs, shapes and layouts  
to make sure it's right for the product and his brand, and this collaboration with Shane is no different, 
and actually proves to be the most difficult part. All the hard work can be shown in the packaging. 

The 2 mirrors, and 3 makeup bags have Shane's iconic pig logo on, which I didn't think I would be a 
fan of, however it's done so well that it works perfectly. The gloss and velour liquid lipsticks are the 
same classic Jeffree packaging, but this time a gunmetal grey with Shane's new logo. The mini 
controversy palette has a holographic tv static design over, where as the conspiracy palette is a 
pyramid coffin shape with satin black spirals followed by a gunmetal clasps and shades logo in the 
middle. There are a few more products in the collection but those are exclusive to Jeffree's site. 

The main focus around this entire collection is obviously the conspiracy palette. This has 18 matte, 
metallic and foil shades that are perfect for both everyday and glam looks. Although at first glance 
the shades seem very random and out there (hello, food videos and Trisha), each row is split up into 
shades that work together. Row 1 is your more natural shades for wearing on a daily basis, row 2 is 
your out there and bright colours and row 3 is your darker shades used to add definition. 

Ranch - soft white shimmer
My pills - delicate pink matte
Tanacon - dusty caramel matte
Diet root beer - warm brown matte
Just a theory - rose gold metallic
Spiraling - gun metal grey shimmer

Conspiracy - khaki green shimmer
Pig-ment - bubblegum pink matte
Food videos - electric sunshine matte
Trisha - bright hot pink shimmer
Cheese dust - true orange matte
Flaming hot - pink toned red matte

What's the tea? - soft turquoise matte
Diet cola - soft shimmer 
Not a fact - plum purple matte
Sleep paralysis - gunmetal metallic
Illuminatea - forest green metallic 
My ride's here - true black matte

When the collection was first announced I thought it was going to be the main conspiracy palette, so 
after watching the documentary and finding out there were going to be makeup bags, mirrors, 
lipsticks and even a mini palette I was so excited. The mini controversy palette is the perfect 
combination of natural everyday shades and bold bright shades. There are an infinite amount of looks 
that are possible to create with just one of these palettes or both of them together. There is only 1 
shade that is repeated in the 2 palettes (diet root beer), and that is because it's a perfect warm brown.

Flat earth - soft baby blue matte
Cry on my couch - cream matte
My boyfriend's purse - champagne metallic

Controversy - rich purple matte
Diet root beer - warm brown matte
My apology - warm Burgundy shimmer

Exposed - soft lilac matte
Cancelled - aqua blue matte
The simulation - ocean blue metallic

Jeffree's most popular product is probably his velour liquid lipsticks. The formula is amazing, his 
shade range is like no other and they're affordable for the quality of the product. Saying, this I had 
never tried them until this collection. I knew spending the money on the palettes were worth it 
because I've tried his beauty killer palette before, and know about how incredible the formula is. But 
because I had never tried the liquid lipsticks I was worried as to whether buying the bundle and 
spending the £86 was really worth it. Needless to say, I'm glad I bought them! 

Each shade is unique and personal to Shane. Whether that be a drink he likes (Shane is based on the 
colour of diet root beer) or a close friend (are you filming? is based on Andrew the camera man). 
Despite 3/4 of the shades looking unwearable, they can be sheered out for a more 'natural' and less 
intense look. These can also be worn on the eyes as a liquid eyeshadow. My favourite shade is 'are 
you filming?'

Are you filming - bright neon red
Jeffree what the fuck - neon magenta 
Oh my god - matte baby pink
I gotta go - bronzed copper
Ryland - rose gold baby pink
Shane - brown gun metal 

The collection will be restocked at the beginning of 2020 and hopefully will be restocked every few 
months. Overall I absolutely love the collection, not just because of the quality of the products but for 
all the work and dedication that has gone into it. I love how Shane tried and tested out thousands of 
different makeup brands and products and truly threw himself into the beauty community. I'm so 
proud of how everything turned out and truly couldn't think of anyway this collection could have 
been any better. A true 12 out of 10.



  1. The collection looks super cute. I really like the Conspiracy Palette and the lipstick I Gotta Go in particular and I'm so jealous you bought the entire collection! You should share some different makeup looks as I'd love to see how the palette looks on!

    1. It's even more amazing in person. I'll be creating some looks and be posting them over on my Instagram x

  2. Replies
    1. I know right! Can't wait to get my hand on the other one x

  3. I heard nothing about this collab until it was splashed all over Twitter with various tweets being aimed at Beauty Bay. It's a pretty collection but I wouldn't wear half of these shades, it'll be fun to create some looks! :)

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. You should check out the documentary. So interesting, to see how the beauty industry works. I thought that, but they're more wearable than they look x

  4. These aren't really my colours but the design of the palettes is so lovely!

    Gemma Louise