Gift guide - for him

Men are beyond difficult to shop for. They either don't want it, won't use it, already have it or it costs
a fortune. There are only a small handful of men in my life that I have to buy for, and every year I go
searching for these gift guides for inspiration. The gifts I've included can all be found online and
delivered within a few days, making it that slightly bit easier to shop for the men in your life.

The first thing I always pick up and gravitate towards for men are some sort of body spray or
cologne. Lynx have so many different sets available that are a fraction of the regular price. I like
to pick up the sets with the body spray and shower gel in, and make sure to buy a few to keep people
stocked up on. Fragrance is a lot harder when it comes to men, as they all tend to smell the same.
I don't even like buying a cologne for Liam, unless he picks it himself. The Perfume Shop have
hundreds of options and can even help you pick out the right scent when visiting one of their stores.

Everyone has at least 1 man in their life that will either have a beard or some sort of facial hair. My
fiancĂ© is always moaning about how his clippers aren't the right ones and the cord doesn't reach. Which is why I'm recommending picking up some cordless clippers. This has so many different changeable heads, giving you full control over how much you shave off. These can also be used on your hair as well as your beard, and also come with a brush, a comb and oil to leave you feeling nourished.

I'm not going to lie, I got way too excited when I saw this and am definitely keeping it for myself,
however it would make a perfect gift for a man. Having a  5 in 1 hammer is so handy. This has 2
flathead and 2 flower head screwdrivers that all compact  into the wooden handle, making it easy to
store but also easy to carry and transport with you when needed. Last year I picked up Liam a credit 
card tool, as a bit of a silly gift but all year long he's been using it and it has become incredibly useful, especially for opening parcels. This has a small credit card sized tool includes; a ruler, screwdriver, bottle opener, saw edge, knife edge, angle finger, tin opener, 2 position wrench, 6 position wrench and a key ring holder. This is truly the perfect tool for on the go and is beyond useful.

The ultimate gift for men is some form of a games console. Over the years I've bought Liam both a
PS4 and XBOX 1. However they are £150+, making them slightly unrealistic to give. Which is why
console games are a good alternative. You can search the Game store, and also check out your local
CEX to see if they have them or anything similar for a more affordable price. Electronics are so
expensive to buy and will either break or sit on a shelf gathering dust. Argos are currently selling a
bunch of retro gifts, including a SEGA mega drive and Nintendo classic mini NES. These make
great gifts and provide lots of fun without breaking the bank like modern electronics can do.

I've recently rediscovered scratch posters. I first found them a few years ago and loved the idea of
having a poster dedicated to 100 horror movies or 50 chick flicks. I recently picked up scratch off 
movie poster from Amazon for only £5. This makes a quirky decor piece but also gives you
inspiration on what movies to watch and provides a mini challenge of seeing if you can watch them
all in a year. For some reason this year I've noticed a lot more people falling in love with the TV
show; The Chase. My family sit around playing the game, which is why I had to pick up The Chase 
game when I saw it in store. You can split off into teams, and even has the money chase. Although I
love games, this is a great gift men as they get super competitive and it's a chance for a laugh.



  1. I ordered a couple of Lynx sets from Boots today as they have some good offers on, they're great as stocking fillers.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

  2. soooo helpful because men are the WORST to buy for haha x

  3. I always opt for some type of body wash or socks haha x