The Green Man Middleton | Gifted

It's very rare that me and Liam get to have a date night. With our time schedules, work and other 
plans it's hard to find time to leave the house and do something together. We were recently invited to 
the press event to taste the new menu, and see the newly refurbished restaurant at The Green Man, 
Middleton. Obviously we jumped at the chance, not just for a date night but also to step out of our 
comfort zones and try something new that is local to us.

Me nor Liam had never been to The Green Man, before so we didn't know what to expect or to notice 
a difference in decor. The outside of a restaurant sets the scene for the overall tone, and this is no 
exception. The outside patio has plenty of seating for those warmer nights, topped off with dark teal 
and orange cushions to match the inside of the restaurant, surrounded by tall bushes and fairy lights.

The staff were super friendly and welcoming, and upon arrival gave us a tour of the restaurant and 
details on their ideas for the remodel. There were plenty of seats and availability as well as the chance 
to turn 2 rooms into private dining for the night. The overall vibe of the venue, is a deep teal, forest 
green, dark coral with light floral patterns worked in throughout topped off with wood and copper for 
a modern twist on a country pub. 

Upon arrival there was a customisable gin section, where you got the chance to add you choice of 
fruit, flavourings and even garnishes such as rose petals and mint leaves. I went with raspberries and 
strawberries, with a raspberry shot and rose petals for the finishing touch. As Liam was driving he 
decided to go for a non alcoholic option and chose a Diet Coke. 

We were handed 3 menus, the all day, vegan and specials, and given details on their locally sourced 
fish. The Green Man source their fish locally and know the time, date, location and skipper who 
caught the fish to understand the food they serve even better. There are so many options available, 
from sharing starters, to classic pub meals to a 10oz rib eye steak and a cheese board.

Me and Liam both chose the massaman chicken skewers which were delicious and served within 5 
minutes off ordering. There are so many options for mains that we took a while deciding. Finally I 
went with the 7oz fillet which was accompanied by twice cooked chunky chips, stilton and panko
crumb tart with caramelised onion and a confit tomato. Liam opted for the dirty cheeseburger which 
came in a sesame seeded bun with lettuce, tomato, pickle, crispy bacon, lashings of cheese and burger 
sauce topped with skinny fries (Liam changed to chunky chips) and beef dripping sauce. 

I was nervous as to how much fat was going to be on the steak as I'm quite picky, but this was the 
first ever steak I've had from a restaurant that had none whatsoever. Becuase of the steak alone, I will 
definitely be returning. For desert I went with the home-baked chocolate brownie and Liam went for 
the caramel crème brûlée. The brownie melts in your mouth whilst the crème brûlée was smooth.

Overall the night was fantastic, and we loved every moment of it. From the food to the atmosphere to 
the incredible customer service. We've already recommended it to our family and look forward to 
coming back again, especially in summer to sit in the beautiful patio area.


This meal was gifted to us by The Green Man, Middleton in exchange for a social media post, however this isn't sponsored. See disclaimer page for more details.


  1. This sounds like such an amazing restaurant and the food looks delicious!
    I didn't realise that it was only 15 minutes away from me - I'll definitely be taking a trip there!x