Gift guide - for pets

I can't believe we are another week closer to Christmas. In fact we are only 37 days away. 
Every time I go into stores and see the countdown I'm blown away by how fast this year 
has gone. I was looking over my memories for the year and can't believe that it all happened 
in 2019. This year has had so many bad memories but also so many good memories, such as 
getting our puppy Eddie. It wasn't until having a puppy that I realised how many options are
 out there for pets. Shops you didn't realise that stock pet supplies, have a Christmas range. 
Since this time of year is so overwhelming I wanted to make sure I did a gift guide for 
specific areas but especially those with pets themselves or in the family. 

Although this would be ideal before Christmas, it still makes a great gift to receive for those 
treat their pets like family (most of us). A personalised stocking* is a perfect gift to give as its 
simple yet shows you've put that extra bit of effort in. I love this because it has a paw print 
pattern which can suit multiple pets and stands out from the others. Another gift that's more for 
the owner than the pet themselves is a personalised acrylic dog bone decoration*. These are 
typically for remembering a pet that has passed, but I chose to use it as welcoming a pet into 
the family. I love how this is acrylic and looks perfect with any tree theme! 

The ultimate and basic go to for any pet is some form of treats. A treat hamper is perfect this 
time of year. You can pick up an affordable basket online that can later be reused to store pet 
accessories, and fill it with a bunch of treats rather to suit the animal and spending as much or 
as little as you would like. Wilko have an incredible range of treats available that are super 
festive. I love the luxury goose twists*, rawhide free candy cane twists* and turkey bites*. 

Even if you don't have a pet yourself it's fun to pop into your local Pets at Home and see their 
Christmas selection. I never realised how much variety they had and the addiction that comes 
along with wanting to buy every product they have. I specifically love their selection of toys 
they have. Not going to lie I have gone mad on buying things for Eddie this year, since it is his 
first Christmas. This year they have a sprout range for dogs and cats which are too cute! 
Obviously bought Eddie some of those. I also picked up the Santa rope ball and 7 piece 
stocking but my favourite product that they have is the giant plush rope monkey.

A toy that I've had my eye on for a long time, and is extremely controversial are the UK and US 
politicians. These are definitely dependant upon the owners views, however I personally like 
the Donald Trump toy. They have a small selection of controversial politicians available and 
they can also be found in hundreds of online stores.

My favourite gifts to give are 100% anything personalised. As soon as we got Eddie I headed 
straight to Etsy and checked out their pet section. As soon as I found a personalised walking 
treat bag I knew I had to get it for Eddies walks. It fits the perfect amount of treats in and 
means that I don't have to carry loose treats in my pocket worrying out about crumbs later on. I 
also picked up a personalised dog treat jar to keep a selection of his treats in for downstairs. I was
expecting this to be a lot smaller, but it turns out to be perfect for what we needed. Not only do I love
this but everyone who see's it wants one for themselves. 


Some of these products were gifted (have been marked with an asterix) to me however this post is no sponsored and all opinions are my own.