Goals for 2024 and reflecting upon 2023

2024 is the year I'm focusing on myself. My happiness, wellbeing and putting myself first. For so long I 
have focused on other people and making sure they are happy, and neglecting myself. Now that I am a 
parent I have realised how important it is to make sure that I'm ok and feel like the best version of myself, 
so I can be the best mom to my son. Also being a recently single mom, has made me reflect on how much 
time and effort I put into other people. 2023 wasn't the year I was expecting at all. I had my baby 8 weeks 
early, struggled with postpartum, battled with toxicity and became a single mom, amongst other personal 
struggles. It gave me the greatest gift but wasn't the year I set out hoping for. 

Every year I set a list of goals and each year they become more realistic, which I like as I know I can 
achieve them. Read my hopes for 2023 here. Out of the 4 goals I featured in that post I can confidently say 
that I achieved 3 of them. A goal which I've wanted to achieve for the last few years is to read more, and 
up until December I wasn't doing that. I read 2 books at the beginning of the year, however in December I 
discover smutty spicy romance books and fell in love. I read 12 books in December and 14 total for the 
year. This year I'm hoping for 24 books which averages to 2 books a month. 

I would definitely say that I stopped buying recklessly, even if it didn't seem like it (especially with my 
TikTok shop purchases). Last year if I wanted something I would often leave it in my basket or Wishlist 
for a few days before purchasing it and if I was still wanting it a few days later then I would go ahead and 
buy them. This helped a lot as when I came back to them, there were things I knew I wouldn't use and 
would be wasting money. Having a baby definitely helped with this too, as you can't be spending 
recklessly as they become the new priority! 

Although I didn't get to do everything I wanted to with my son last year we still made the best memories 
and achieved a lot of first like; Easter, Summer, Christmas and milestones such as weaning and rolling 
over! Seeing him grow over the year and his personality develop has been the biggest blessing. 

The only goal I didn't achieve was rekindling my love for blogging. There were several weeks I missed 
because I had no energy or inspiration to write and take photos. This is something I want to focus on this 
year, especially as it's my 10 year anniversary of blogging in July. I now have time alone on the weekends 
to focus on taking photos and evenings to write, which will help significantly compared to last year.

My goals for this year are mainly focused around bettering myself and focusing on self care 
along with taking advantage of each moment to make sure my son has a great year.

My number one goal is to take Codey on his first holiday. Unfortunately there were a lot of factors as to 
why we couldn't take him on holiday last year, but it's definitely something I want to do this year. I grew 
up going to caravan parks for the week or long weekends and had some of the best times, and that is 
something I'd love Codey to experience, even if he won't be able to remember it yet!

In terms of self care I want to read more, get back to pampering myself, have some more tattoos and 
piercings and even fall in love with watching films again as that is something I don't get to do a lot. I've 
also put blogging in with self care as it's a hobby I do for myself and something that I enjoy, and despite 
neglecting it slightly over the last few years, I still really love doing it.

This Summer I will be moving house and I want to spend time making that into a home and doing it up 
exactly how I imagine. I have already started looking up inspiration on Pinterest and will slowly be 
making purchases in the upcoming months to spread the costs! I don't know where I'm moving yet which 
does make this a little difficult but I cannot wait to have a house with a garden in time for the hot weather.

In 2024 I want to be open to doing more things. From taking Codey to new classes, meeting new friends
catching up with old friends and even exploring being open to dating again. Dating again is something 
I'm in no rush to do but I love love and is something that I don't want to neglect myself from as it's healthy 
to date and meet new people. I've never dated as a parent so I'm a little apprehensive, but is a goal I'm 
looking forward to achieving at some point this year. 

What are your goals for 2024?



  1. I loved reading your goals for 2024, I hope you get to take Codey on his first holiday this year! x

    Lucy Mary

    1. Keeping my fingers crossed everything works out well x

  2. Holidays don't need to be fancy with little ones, they love the most basic things and it's all about the memories!

    1. Totally agree! Even just a weekend away will be perfect x

  3. These are all such lovely goals. I did a caravan holiday last year with my two & then a friend and her little girl and it was brilliant. Codey will love it! We all had the best time.


    1. Thank you! Looking forward to when the weathers warmer so we can achieve all the plans x

  4. 3 out of 4 goals is amazing! Good luck in your goals this year!

    Corinne x

  5. You're doing amazing and I'm loving that I'm along on the journey with you. Some great goals in this post, I can't wait to see how you do this year!


    1. Thank you! Can't wait to share my goals throughout the year x

  6. I hope you get to achieve and experience all the things you have listed here for 2024. It sounds like you have a really great variety of things to work towards; I'm cheering you on!

    1. Keeping my fingers crossed that I get everything done, but I've got high hopes x