Cosy self care night - Ideas and tips

 I wish I could say that writing this I am having a self care cosy night in every week, but that isn't the case. 
Since having a baby my self care nights are far and few and is definitely something that I need to focus on 
more. Having time to yourself and nights in with even a little self care, is important for your mental 
wellbeing and helps to destress, relax and take your mind of things the consume your days and weeks.

Something that I recently realised makes a huge difference to my self care nights is relaxed lighting. Turn 
of the overhead harsh lighting and switch on your lamps and fairy lights. Using warm over cool lighting 
definitely helps increase the cosiness. Putting your phone down kind of goes hand-in-hand with this, as 
your phone screen is a blue light. This can not only increase headaches and heavy eyes but also keep you 
awake for longer periods of time as you are in close vicinity of it, rather than watching the TV far away.

Having a bubble bath or steaming shower is what I find makes the ultimate cosy self care night. If I 
don't have a bubble bath I feel like I haven't taken full advantage of my night. Since it's coming up to the 
Christmas season, Lush has released their snow fairy range which makes having a bubble bath even better. 
There are a lot of self care nights where I just want to relax in the bath but if I want to take it that one step 
further I will have an everything shower/bath. Wash my hair, do a hair mask, shave my entire body, pop 
on a face mask and really take care of my body. If I have had an everything shower it makes putting on 
comfy clothes that even bit nicer and softer on my skin and even more so if you have fresh sheets! 

Reading a book or watching a film is what makes a self care night feel extra cosy. I wish read every self 
care night but I'm definitely more likely to pop on my favourite film and sit under a blanket on the sofa. 
Snacks are a must. Whether you want to snack on chocolate or some fruit, you must have snacks! 

When it comes to going to sleep after my cosy evening of self care, I love to use a pillow mist from 
Feather and Down or This Works. The lavender aroma is associated with relaxation, working as a sedative 
and anxiety reliever for a better nights sleep. It's not always possible but if you can try and have an early 
night or a lie in. For me having a lie in has become a dream I long for and I'm more likely to have a 
slightly early night. Getting a good nights rest is the cherry on top for a cosy self care night. 



  1. I hope you find some time to take care of yourself, I can imagine that having a baby will make that quite difficult. Self-care is essential and I love to read or watch a nice movie to help me relax. Thanks for sharing these tips and idea; they are much needed!

    1. Thank you! Hoping to get into more of a routine once he's gone to bed; blog on certain days and self care on others x

  2. Blankets, hot chocolate and piano do it for me!

    Corinne x

  3. I really want to try a lavender pillow mist. I feel like I say this every time Autumn/Winter comes back around but then I never do it. I'm with you on the lighting thing too. I accidentally bought white light instead of warm light bulbs and the difference it made to our living room was massive. It looked so clinical - Definitely not what you want when you're trying to wind down.


    1. I was sceptical as to whether they work but they really help make you calm and unwind x

  4. The best way for me to have self care is to put my phone down - or in another room. I can totally relax and switch off. My dreamy self care is a day playing with my little one, plenty of fresh air, a home cooked dinner (cooked by my husband), no washing up and a boxset once the baby has gone to bed.

  5. I do love using the This Works pillow spray to help me drift off to sleep, it's the best! Self-care for me is reading, doing my skincare and sometimes writing! x

    Lucy Mary

    1. Reading always helps me, I just don't do it enough x