Tips for getting your first tattoo

It's no secret that I love tattoos and have built up quite the collection over the last 5 years. With getting my 
32nd tattoo last week, I thought it was time to to share my tips on getting your first tattoo. I've done 
meaning and what I've learnt since getting tattooed. When people find out I have so many tattoos they are 
often shocked. The majority of tattoos are on my legs, which I don't show in photos and the others are 
either small or in awkward locations. Amongst that I get asked a bunch of questions, from what they mean 
and the pain to any tips that I have. That led me to doing this post to share what advice and tips I have. 

Although I don't believe tattoos have to have any meaning and you can get them simply because you 
admire the style and artwork, it is more than likely you're first tattoo will have some meaning behind it. 
My first tattoo was a flaming on the back of my ankle which is a family joke from my childhood. It was 
something I had thought about for a few years coming up to my 18th birthday, and still love 5 years later. 

All of my tattoos represent a time in my life, my journey and tell a story, however I have had a few cover 
ups. Most of my cover ups are because the ink bled out and looked uneven. However I then had these 
redone in other areas of my body. There are a few of my tattoos that if I had done now, I would have in 
different locations or sizes, but that doesn't mean I regret them. Even my cover ups, I don't regret. 

The design, size and location is one of the most important things to consider when getting your first tattoo. 
If you have a bad experience getting your first, it will make you anxious and weary to do so again. When 
you turn 18, don't rush out and get a tattoo because you're allowed, do your research and find exactly 
what you want. Have a look at different styles, play around with the location and find the artist for you. 

The majority of my tattoos have been done by the lovely Becky at Alchemy Tattoo Collective, which I 
have been going to for all of my tattoos since 2018. It took me a while to find an artist that I loved and 
trusted, but Becky quickly became that person. I am constantly blown away by the designs she comes up 
with for me, as well as being incredibly patient before, during and after the tattoo and all round an 
amazing person. Since going to Becky, I have had no problems with my tattoos at any point, love each one 
more than the last and am constantly booking in with her for more (or trying too, since she is very busy!)

Once you have your design, location, sizing and artist chosen it's time for the actual tattoo. The most 
important thing is to make sure you eat beforehand. No matter who you are it is important to get nutrients 
into your body for a tattoo of any size, to risk feeling light headed, fainting and to help the tattoo process 
go smoothly. If I am going to the studio for a day session, I make sure to have a breakfast that will fill me 
up before I go whilst drinking plenty, and then take snacks and water to my appointment. 

When at your appointment make sure to express yourself clearly. Don't be afraid to tell them if the sizing 
or placement isn't exactly how you like it and remember it's ok to be nervous. Your first tattoo will be a 
nerve-wracking experience and a fear of the unknown, but a good artist and positive studio will make you 
feel comfortable. Your artist might recommend that a certain location may be better, however it is your 
body and the final decision is up to you. 

Although you might think it's over now the tattoo is done, you've got the aftercare to deal with. Depending 
upon the size and location of the tattoo this can be quite uncomfortable. It is key to listen to the aftercare 
advise given by your artist. The majority of aftercare instructions are the same amongst all studios, 
however your artist will tell you what is best. You will most likely be sent away with a leaflet or emailed a 
list of do's and don'ts to ensure you look after your tattoo the best for the best end results. If you are not 
sure on something, don't be afraid to ask questions

Do you have any tips for getting your first tattoo?


*In no way am I an expert or claiming to know everything in regards to tattoos. This is just a post sharing what 
tips I have for those considering to get their first tattoo. For further advice please speak to your artist*


  1. I would love to get a tattoo for my 30th next year so this post has given me so much info and great advice! x

    Lucy Mary

    1. Thank you lovely! I hope you end up getting one! x

  2. I've not got any tattoos yet but I would like to someday! Fab tips,
    Amy X

  3. My first was a Lumos spell tattoo on my wrist and I still love it now, it was just enough to decide if I like the process and injects a little personality of mine onto me

    1. I always recommend starting with a small one that has meaning, so you get to know the process and it's something you won't regret x

  4. I was definitely one of those 'im 18 I need a tattoo' people (I got two really thick outlined stars) and I really regret not doing more research into them. Luckily they're in a place where they can be hidden and I very rarely see them. I'm considering getting then lasered off at some point. Not in a huge rush, but I'd definitely prefer them gone. X

    1. Research is a huge part! I think it's important to remember that styles change too. What's popular now won't be in a years time x

  5. These are some fab tips! Thanks for sharing!

  6. 32 tattoos! I had to admit that tattoos are not for me at all, I don't have any which I guess makes me a minority as most people have them these days!

    Corinne x

    1. I like that! I don't know many people who don't have any tattoos, even a small one, but that still tells an interesting story x

  7. Currently have 4 tattoos but definitely want to get more!! Yours look amazing :)

    Courtney x

    1. Thank you! Definitely book in for them. Gets addictive, right?! x

  8. I'd love to get a tattoo, I just can't justify the cost of them, maybe one day!

    Gemma Louise

    1. A good tattoo is definitely an investment, but I do recommend it! x

  9. I haven't got any tattoo's yet so this is helpful! I'm so glad you have had such positive experiences xx

    1. Thank you, I'm glad you found this helpful x