5 things to consider before getting a tattoo

One of my all time favourite things is tattoos. Whether that be planning, talking about or getting them. I've 
been getting tattooed since the day after my 18th birthday, and currently have 25 in total. Some think that's 
too many, I think it's not enough! Tattoos are growing more popular as time goes on which I just love. 
There are still a lot of people who do not like them, especially in regards to in the work place, which is a 
battle that we will forever be battling, however I believe that as long as you like and want them then you 
should go ahead. I see them as a form of art and to represent a time in my life on my body forever!

Saying all of this there are still a few things to consider before hand. Even if it's your 50th tattoo. I've got a 
handful of tattoos that I decided on a whim, both the tattoo itself but also the placement. I don't regret any 
of them but I do regret not thinking for a bit longer before going ahead. However the tattoos that have no 
meaning, and are done randomly at the last minute do happen to be some of my favourites!

I have done previous posts about tattoos such as an in depth q&a, what I've learnt since getting
tattooed, why they don't need to mean anything and talking through each individual tattoo and
 piercings which you can check out here (however this is over 2 years old and things have changed).

In the 3 years I've been getting tattooed I have been to 6 different artists, 3 which were at the same shop. 
My step-dad used to tattoo so my first 4 were done by him, and I love them! I then started going to a tattoo 
shop local to me, where I had 5 tattoos done in total. The first tattoo I had done there was perfect and is 
exactly what I wanted. The other 4 aren't my favourites and 1 has had to be re-worked because of how 
poorly the design was. The only reason I went there multiple times was because they were the only studio 
who had time free for straight away and I was very impatient. Please don't do this, and I have definitely 
learnt a lesson. I got a matching tattoo with my ex in Brighton and would definitely go back there. I then 
found my new artist, Becky, who I've had the majority of my tattoos done by (15 in fact). I have been 
going to Becky since she was an apprentice and have continued to love her work and see her grow. 

Her work constantly amazes me and I don't feel bad if I want the placement or design changing slightly. 
Sometimes tattoo artists can be really rude in regards to you changing things, which makes me feel 
uncomfortable. Becky makes sure that I am 110% happy with everything before we go ahead. Other than 
the artists work it is also important to make sure you feel comfortable with them and in the studio, as well 
as it being hygienic. Alchemy Moon Tattoo Collective, where I go, is the nicest studio I have visited and 
make me feel welcome every time I visit. I have now had 2 day sessions with Becky, which is 7-8 hours, 
and at no point do I feel uncomfortable, in fact I talk to my tattoo artist about a lot of personal matters. So 
thank you Becky for listening to be natter on! It is also important to find a tattoo artist who charges the 
right amount. Too little can often mean that they aren't genuine, aren't fully qualified and overall a bit 
'dodgy', it's the same with the price being too much as they might be trying to scam you for something that 
shouldn't cost half that much. Make sure to research artists, look at their portfolio, read the reviews for
 the studio and see what their price range is before you jump into it.

Obviously the design and tattoo itself is one of the most important things, if not the most important. 
Overtime designs and ideas will pop in your head and come naturally or because you are inspired of a 
tattoo on another person. Once I have an idea I will write it down in my phone. If I forget about it, then I 
clearly don't love enough to have it permanently on my body. If I am still thinking about it a month later, I 
will have a look on Instagram and Pinterest for designs that I like. Again I will save them to my phone and 
eventually I will send them to my artist, explaining what I like about each photo and different elements 
that I want to make it my own. Showing photos to your artist it extremely helpful, to let them know 
exactly what you vision is. Also try to think of future tattoos. E.G do you want all your tattoos to be in 
colour or black and white, do you want a realistic feel or do you want a minimalistic look, are you into 
bold line tattoos that stand out or single needle tattoos? Research multiple aspects with the design. 

This is what I am most guilty of and am now most specific about. But I know I'm not alone and pretty 
much everyone I have spoke to, with tattoos, feels the same. After you've got the design really consider 
where you want it. Do you want it on the left or right side of your body, will this affect my job currently or 
in the future, is this personal and just for me, do I want it on show and most importantly will you 
eventually want something else there, if so think harder. I'm most guilty of the last factor. I will have a 
tattoo and then a few months later, think of another design that would have been perfect there. Me and 
Becky were saying how we need to be like an octopus and have multiple arms/legs. In regards to 
placement, comes the pain. I really want a tattoo on my ribs but at the moment I'm unsure on the pain due 
to other peoples' experiences, so for now I am waiting. I have recently got some small tattoos on my 
fingers which I've wanted for years and was scared of the pain. Instead of getting my whole hand tattooed, 
I started small because you can always add on but you can't take off (yes with laser but it's a lot harder).

Although I'm a big believer in a tattoo doesn't have to have a meaning or reasoning behind it, it's still 
important to think about. I happen to have quite a few matching tattoos. 1 which is with my nan, 1 with 
my best friend and 2 with my ex. People often pull a face when I say I have matching tattoos with my ex, 
because I'm not interested in getting them covered up. Not because I'm hanging on to a slither of hope for 
us, but because he was a huge part of my life, I love the designs and I will never forget that. If I cover 
them, it will feel like I am erasing a part of my past and history. I do not judge people if they wish to get 
matching tattoos covered up as we all have our own reasoning, but it's a huge factor to consider even if it's 
not matching. For example, if you want a music tattoo. Think about how long you have liked the artist, if 
the song will have the same impact on you in 5-10 years time. If it's a new band and song you've heard 
twice, then maybe it's not the right time. Instead of jumping into it wait another 6 months and then do it. 

This is something I had never thought about until Hello October spoke about it one of her tattoo videos. 
Timing can be a bitch, we all know that. But if we have a tattoo whilst going through a bad period in our 
lives then we will constantly be reminded of that and the experience tied to it. If you book a tattoo for a 
months time and the week/day comes (please let you tattoo artist know as soon as possible) and you aren't 
feeling right, and don't think it's appropriate to go forward then cancel or rebook. Be aware you may loose 
your deposit or have to wait a lot longer than expected. However it's worth it. It's also important to think 
about if you have any events coming up. If you are going on holiday the following week, it's not a good 
idea as it will not heal well and could get infection. Consider things such as the sun and chlorine. 

My body is my journal and tattoos are my story.



  1. i love your tattoos they look so good! I only have a finger tattoo with my initial x

    Joyce | www.joycelauofficial.com

    1. Thank you lovely! There's so many more I want x

  2. I wont lie, I regret both of my tattoos and the only reason I don't get them removed is because I rarely see them! Some really sound advice here!

    1. I definitely wish I read something like this before I got some of mine x

  3. These tattoos are so pretty!


  4. I'd love to get a tattoo but really hate the idea of the needles!

    Gemma Louise

    1. I hate needles too! It's different, both pain wise and even the way it looks. I'd recommend having something small so it wouldn't take long to do but you then get an idea of what it feels like to know whether you want any more x

  5. Love this Lea. I would love to see an in depth post all about your tattoos, photos of them all, pain level etc xx

    1. Thank you. I did do one, but I've had a lot since then! I've already booked in for another so I might do that once I've had my new one done! x

  6. I like tattoos on other people but can't imagine ever loving one on my own body.

    Amy x
    The July Rose