Revolution x FRIENDS series 3

If you saw my previous post on the series 1 Revolution x FRIENDS collection then you know not only 
how much I love the TV show but also how much I love this collaboration. I purchased the first collection 
straight away as I couldn't wait to get my hands on it, series 2 was more pamper themed products such as 
bath fizzers and body scrubs. I decided to skip on series 2 but knew that I had to have series 3 when it 
launched, because it was an extension of the makeup. It might have taken a few months but I finally got 
my hands on it and I am so excited to not only use it on myself but also share with you all!

The only things I didn't pick up from this series was the makeup brush and mirror, as well as the 
eyeshadow brush set, 2 larger eyeshadow palettes and 3 sheet masks. I do still want the rest of the 
collection, but I wanted to get my favourite pieces first since I've been waiting so long.

Chandlers eyeshadow palette isn't what I was expecting, but I'm glad it turned out this way. The perfect 
combination of colourful vibrant shades that aren't too intense and can be used to vamp up a basic 
makeup look or create a pretty pastel eye. My favourite shades are; Tulsa, cups and Jack. 

Hello Mr Bing - matte ice blue
Tulsa - shimmer baby blue 
Bigger boat - matte royal blue
Hypnosis - matte pastel green
The box - shimmer lime green
Cups - iridescent bronze
Eddie - matte hot pink
Jack - shimmer mid tone pink
Erica - matte pastel pink

The Monica lip kit is definitely full of shades that she would wear. Sticking the classic timeless nudes that 
never go out of style. This includes a cool toned brown and peach toned nude lipgloss as well as a cool 
mauve toned lip liner. These are elegant shades that can easily transform you from day to night.

Each female character also has their own mini setting spray. Monica's setting spray is calming with 
hyaluronic and vitamin e with a sweet pineapple scent. This helps to awaken your complexion and prime 
the skin when using before makeup, and locks in your makeup all day long whilst adding a boost of 
hydration when needed throughout the day. 

They also included some tools in this collection. I really wanted to pick up the lobster eyeshadow brush 
trio, however I thought it was a bit pricey considering you only get 3 brushes, so decided to pass on that 
and just pick up the blending sponge duo. You can't go wrong with a makeup sponge, especially when 
they're embossed with a lobster and the classic FRIENDS frame. These are the perfect density, that applies 
your product evenly and looks flawless on the skin, without soaking up and wasting too much product. 

Ross' eyeshadow palette is my perfect shade range. Full of both matte and shimmer warm toned neutrals, 
perfect for any look. This is definitely the more natural everyday palette out of the range and I love how 
effortless it is. My favourite shades are; white teeth, fossil and keyboard.

My sandwich - matte light peach
Leather pants - shimmer rose gold
Break - matte brick brown
White teeth - shimmer nude brown
Dinosaur - shimmer peach
Fossil - iridescent bronze gold
Juice box - matte deep brown 
Keyboard - matte terracotta 
Unagi - shimmer deep blush

The Rachel lip kit gives the ultimate 90's look with a medium toned pink gloss, a pale pink toned gloss 
and a medium pink lip liner. Using the liner to outline and define your lips, filling in with the medium 
toned gloss and a little of the pale pink gloss the centre for the perfect Rachel lip look. For a sheerer and 
softer look, the glosses can be worn on their own to add the perfect amount of colour and sheen. 

Rachel's setting spray is energising enriched with hyaluronic and caffeine with a sweet strawberry scent. 
The combination of  hyaluronic and caffeine helps to awaken and brighten the skin, giving the appearance 
of a fresher and brighter base. This works perfectly under or over the top of makeup as well as on its own.

Joey's eyeshadow palette is full of colours that scream him. Packed of vibrant bright shades to create out 
of the box, fun makeup looks that are definitely not your 'everyday' looks. I love the summer and festival 
vibes that this palette gives. My favourite shades are Dr Drake, Bamboozled and Mary Angela. 

Joey - matte light terracotta 
Dr Drake - iridescent magenta
Mary Angela - matte deep pink
Nap partner - shimmer yellow gold
Trifle - matte blood orange
Turkey - matte canary yellow
Bamboozled - shimmer rose
Tribbiani - matte lime green
JR - iridescent gold

The Phoebe lip kit contains a deep red toned lip gloss, brown toned nude lip gloss and a brown toned lip 
liner. I love this combination of shades as it is definitely what Phoebe would be wearing. She is a very 
unique character, so I do wish they went with something more vibrant and daring to show her personality, 
but I'm glad they stuck with the classics making them more wearable for everyone. As these are deeper 
nude shades these are perfect for the transition from Summer to Autumn! 

The Phoebe setting spray is a brightening mist with hyaluronic and vitamin c and a soft citrus scent. The 
combination of hyaluronic and vitamin c gives the appearance of a brighter and fresher complexion. 
Perfect for locking in your makeup and freshening the skin up throughout the day. 

When the first series launched I was really disappointed to see that the hadn't made the Joey lipgloss an 
icy blue, based on Ichiban - lipstick for men. So when I saw that they had actually made the lipstick I new 
I had to add it to my collection, even though I would never use it. The Joey lipstick is a shimmery icy blue 
shade that they actually made into a lip balm so it's more wearable. 1 coat of this is clear, or 2-3 coats 
helps you achieve the true 'Joey' look!

It's not secret that I love this collaboration and series 3 did not disappoint.
Have you tried this collection out?



  1. I love the names of the shadows haha! I've not watched Friends for years but some of them really do remind me of the show!

    Corinne x

    1. Me too! OMG you should definitely re-watch it x

  2. The names are so on point. I love this range, it can do no wrong


  3. The Ross Palette is definitely mt type!

    1. Stunning isn't it! Perfect everyday palette x

  4. I absolutely love this collection! The palettes are all beautiful although I feel like I'd be so boring and stick to the Ross one. I love the lip kits though, the Rachel set is calling to me. Also the beauty blender is so cute! I love it!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

    1. So many amazing products in the range to choose from x

  5. There's some gorgeous tones here perfect for the autumn months!

    Gemma Louise