Importance of PRIDE month

I am very proud to be part of the LGBTQ+ community and love that there is a whole month to celebrating 
the community and spreading knowledge and understanding for others. If you haven't read my post 
about my sexuality (read here), and this is the first you're coming across, I identify as pansexual. Being 
pansexual is defined by not being limited in sexual choice regarding someones gender or identity. I fall
 for the person rather than what they identify as, and I love that. 

It only became legal for same sex couples to adopt in the UK in 2002 and gay marriage became legal 
in 2014. Im glad that live in a world and society where we can get married and be whoever we want, but 
I'm sad that it's took so long to get to where we are now and to be truly accepted. 

"LGBTQ+ still isn't taken seriously enough or respected. It's only recently that the topic of conversion 
therapy being banned has even been taken into consideration. Homophobia and transphobia is still 
very present in the workplace and hate crime rates at pride and protests." - Jayden, 19

Having a whole month dedicated to celebrating and embracing the LGBTQ+ community and pride is 
important for so many reasons. Pride is the promotion of equality amongst the LGBTQ+ community as a 
group, rather than the shame and social stigma that used to be surrounding it.  Leaving the negative in the 
past and focusing on the positive future. 

"Even with pride most of the population won't accept, support or understand the LGBTQ+ community, 
which is wrong. We are not taught about it in school and pride is a type of education that everyone 
should have. It's important to ask questions and be educated." - Danni, 20

With it being illegal to be gay and in a same sex relationship for so long and having to hide yourself, it's 
about time that we had an entire month dedicated to everyone being themselves and not having to live in 
fear. Pride is a time for us to reflect on all the progress that has been made and to celebrate all of those 
achievements. It's a time to celebrate all the vibrant dynamics and powerful and unique diversity. 

"I think pride month is so important because it not only allows us to openly celebrate the struggles 
anyone and everyone has faced as part of the LGBTQ+ community and how we've overcome them but 
also brings awareness to others that there is more than being gay or straight. It also helps others to who 
don't understand or are confused about themselves and unable to discover who they are, by finding a 
place  and community for help and support. But for me pride is love. Black, white, gay, straight, 
pansexual, transgender, non binary and everything in between. Love is love." - Lauren, 23

All people should be treated equally regardless of who they are or who they love.



  1. I think pride month is fantastic, though I hope one day there is no longer a need for it as everyone will be treated the same regardless. We have come such a long way but there's still a way to go!

    Corinne x

  2. I agree, pride month is so important and I also think it's bloody amazing. My sister went to uni in Brighton to has lots of gay friends who are now adopted into our families. I'm so glad they can be open and honest about who they are!


    1. Nothing better than being your true and most honest self x

  3. I hope you had a brilliant Pride month! I love seeing all the events and people celebrating who they are. It's so rare that we actually come together and celebrate love and positivity, which I think is such a lovely way to turn the original Stonewall protests into a truly uplifting experience for all. I really hope society's attitude towards equality for all changes - and soon. It can be so depressing!
    Beth x Adventure & Anxiety

    1. Thank you lovely! Such an amazing time, just needs to carry on getting better x