3 eyeshadow palettes for autumn

Autumn is my favourite season, no matter what, but especially because of the colours and the variety of 
opportunities that come along with that in regards to makeup. Changing out the bright bold eyeshadows 
for warm tones and cosy shades. Wearing deeper nudes and berries on your lips instead of a vibrant pink. 
Obviously there are no rules when it comes to makeup. If you want a to wear a green lipstick with pink 
liner, gold blusher and red eyeshadow, then go ahead. That is the beauty of makeup. You have the ability 
to be creative and in full control at your fingertips. The reds, oranges, yellows and warm tones are what I 
love about autumn makeup and seeing what looks I can create. These are my go-to's so I do happen to 
own a lot of warm toned palettes perfect for autumn, but I've decided to only share my top 3 with you!

Jaclyn Hill really knows how to create a bomb ass eyeshadow palette. This was her second launch with 
Morphe and has since gone on to create her vol.2 palette with them (review here). All of which are beyond 
incredible, and also perfect for autumn. I particularly love the vault collection for autumn as there are 4 
palettes to choose from that can create a variety of different looks when used alone, but also when mixed 
together. My favourite palette to use is the armed and gorgeous palette, as I love the yellow and golds. Not 
enough people use yellow eyeshadow and I love seeing what looks people create when using them. 

Although this is a collection you can buy them each individual or as a whole which will save you money 
overall. I opted for the collection as I fell in love with each palette, the quality is always amazing with 
morphe and Jaclyn Hill but also for the amazing value of money. Each palette is £16 each, however if you 
choose to buy the collection, for £52, you will save £14 in total which could buy another palette! Check 
out my full review on the 2018 launch here

Ring the alarm - get caught red handed with red hot fiery shades
Dark magic - show off your dark side with midnight greens and blues
Bling boss - epic jewel heist of purples and berry shades
Armed and gorgeous - lay on the glitz with these gold sunset shades 

When I think of autumn palettes, I immediately think of Urban Decay. All of their naked and mini naked 
palettes are perfect for autumn. They are full with an array of warm tones, mixed with reds, berries and 
you classic neutral browns. Each naked palette is perfect for autumn but the one I love to use the most is 
definitely naked heat. This is full of amber hued neutrals, warm browns, burnt oranges and rich siennas. 

As this palette is more on the darker shade side, I prefer to use this at night to create intense sultry looks.
 I love to layer some glitters on the lid to create a rounded eye look and smoke it out on the lower lash 
line. This can be found in Boots for £43. Check out my full review on this palette here.

The most recent addition to my autumn palette collection is this gorgeous mini palette from Huda Beauty
If I could only use one palette all season it would be this. With the ambers and reds with the warm tone 
browns whilst still being neutral, is just perfect. Each shade reminds me of the leaves falling of the trees 
and the sound of them crushing on the floor. My favourite thing about this palette, apart for the quality of 
each shade, is how this can easily be transformed from a day to night look. I like to use the top row in the 
day, highlighting my brow bone with a small amount of the centre shade. To transform it to a night look I 
love adding the first 2 shades on the bottom row to deepen it up and smoke it out, especially on the lower 
lash line for a sexy sultry vibe. You can pick this up from Boots for £25

What is your favourite palette for Autumn?



  1. I'll have to dig out my naked heat, I forgot I even had it but it's perfect for A/W!

    Gemma Louise

  2. I love the naked heat palette, it is so timeless for this time of year! I love your beauty posts!


    1. Definitely! Urban Decay have some amazing palettes for this time of year x

  3. Replies
    1. So gorgeous isn't it, and perfect for autumn too x

  4. I still remember going to Selfridges to buy the NAKED palette, ahhh those were the days! It has been ages since I went shopping for makeup. Great picks!

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. I got most of mine from Depop! Only need 1 more to complete my NAKED collection x

  5. Gorgeous picks!