Top 3 makeup items for summer

Half way through summer and you wouldn't know it. We seem to have been really lucky over the last 2 
years with experiencing a proper summer, but 2020 isn't the best year so it's not surprising that we're 
experiencing a lot of rain. Although when it's hot, it's really hot! That's when my 3 product makeup comes 
in handy. I still want that bit of something on my face, but nothing that is heavy or will slide off 
throughout the day. I'm very thankful that my skin has cleared up a lot of the last 12-18 months, and 
despite loving a full coverage foundation, I don't feel as insecure leaving the house without like before.

When it comes to minimal makeup I tend to still get out of hand. I go from using a small bit of concealer 
and bronzer to a full face before I know it. That's why sticking to 3 products is perfect. I used to prioritise 
mascara over brows but over the last few years I've learnt how important the brows are to help frame the 
face. At the minute I am loving the XX Revolution fauXX brow pencil. This has a paddle brush instead of 
a spoolie, which helps soften out the brows to avoid giving your harsh blocky brows. This pencil allows 
me to have full control over how intense and full I want my brows, whilst still giving the perfect amount 
of definition and shape to the face. 

I have very fair skin, and when out in the sun (with SPF) I just go red. I've never used sunbeds and I'm not 
a fan of fake tan as I can never apply it properly. So I like to give the illusion of a bronzed glow with 
makeup. I have been reaching for the Essence matt bronzing powder. Although it's summer and I want to 
look as bronzed and glowy as possible, whilst I could get away with a light shimmer bronzer, I still opt for 
a matt bronzer to stay safe. I recently did a blog post on finding the right bronzer if you have fair skin and 
made sure to include this bronzer as it's one of my favourites. The perfect undertone, without making me 
look muddy but giving the bronzed look like I desire. 

When it comes to lips (other than a balm) I always find myself neglecting them. I have this thought in the 
back of my head that if I wear a bold lipstick, someone is going to come up to me and insult me (weird I 
know), so if I do decide to 'go all out' and do my lips I keep it natural. Since I don't have a lot of makeup 
on and am keeping it as minimal as possible I will opt for a lip gloss instead of a lipstick. The Essence 
holo wow dewy lip shine (unicorn powder)* is perfect because it's clear and not sticky but has an 
iridescent shimmer throughout to give that extra added sparkle, perfect for summer.  


This post does contain gifted items (marked with an Asterix). However this post is not sponsored.  See disclaimer page for more information.


  1. Great selection of makeup!

  2. I definitely can't be without a good bronzing powder, it's an essential all year round for me!

    Gemma Louise

    1. It's the makeup step that pulls the look together x

  3. Essence is a brand I haven't really explored but I enjoyed reading about the products in this post.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. Everything I've tried has been amazing from them! Definitely want to try more x