August Roccabox | Gifted

It's no secret that the beginning of a new month is my favourite, purely because it means a new 
Roccabox turns up at my door! I've been receiving these monthly, since December and I love them 
just as much (maybe more) than I did when I received my first one, which I think is rare to find with 
a subscription box. August's box is an 'under the sea' theme, that is packed with treasures to help 
bring out your inner mermaid. Now who doesn't want that?! 

Roccabox is a monthly beauty subscription box that gives you exclusive access to the latest and 
hottest beauty products right now. They are also one of the fastest growing monthly beauty boxes. 
They have been featured in Elle, Closer, Glamour and also offer limited edition boxes amongst their 
regular monthly box. Each box retails for £10 each with only £3.95 delivery. There is the option to 
purchase a one off box to test it out and then a 3, 6 and 12 month bundle package.

The beauty box that is more than skin deep

"There's nothing more you could want than a multi-tasking shimmery makeup product. These 
pigment pots are packed full of glow dust that can be used on your eyes, lips or cheekbones. Despite 
festivals aren't on the cards this year, you can always add a little extra shimmer to your day."

"There's nothing quite light your skin feeling nourished and healthy. This seaweed treat is enriched 
with Japanese Wakame Seaweed and Shea butter to help hydrate your skin and leave It feeling 
smooth and supple after each use. This super easy to use as it only takes 10 minutes to work it's 
magic as well as being cruelty free." DISCOUNT CODE - DRB30%

SportFX game changing mascara (full size RRP £9.99)
"Finding a waterproof mascara that will last through swimming, sweat and the sun this summer is 
hard to find. This mascara helps to keep your lashes voluminous and separated to avoid those 
clumped lashes. After a long day of wearing this, use the miracle remover (like a mascara) to coat 
your lashes and help break down the waterproof particles and remove the mascara effortlessly."

May Beauty pore strips (full size RRP £7)
"Although we don't like to admit it, we are all prone to blackheads. This pore strip helps to gently 
cleanse the nose of all it's impurities and silky smooth." DISCOUNT CODE - ROCCABOX

Monusin soothing Hawaii facial oil (full size RRP £23.95)
"This is truly as good as it sounds. This is a gentle oil that provides relaxation and comfort for all 
skin types. With a combination of hydrating sandalwood, soothing lavender and grape seed oil to 
help balance and regenerate the completion." DISCOUNT CODE - HG20

"Both sounds and looks funky. Not quite the Caribbean Sea but as close as we can get a the minute. 
This is full of goodness in a convenient can. This is both refreshing, relaxing and packed with 
nutrients." DISCOUNT CODE - ROCCA15

August's box retails for a total of £94.83 saving you a total of £80.88 (inc. delivery). This is one of 
my favourite boxes as it's jam-packed with amazing goodies. I'm most excited to try out the 
SportFX double ended game changing mascara and especially using the miracle remover to ease 
removing waterproof mascara, like nothing I've seen before. I am constantly blown away by these 
boxes and how they get better each month. If you are interested in getting this box for yourself or as 
a gift for a friend then make sure to use my code 'LEA20' for 20% off your entire order.


This was gifted to me by Roccabox, however it is not sponsored, although I have worked with them in the past. See disclaimer page for more details.


  1. Oh this box has some great products. I love boxes for discovering new products!

  2. Roccabox sounds amazing! Definitely need to try one!

    1. They're amazing! I already want next months box x

  3. I love that there's a mix of products, looks like a lovely box!

    Gemma Louise

    1. Can't wait to see the rest of their boxes this year x

  4. I recently picked up their limited edition box and I am delighted with it!

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. I didn't get a chance to pick that up, but it looked amazing! x

  5. Replies
    1. Cannot recommend it enough! Never fail to disappoint x

  6. Anything SportFX and i am there! I love Dr Botanicals and have always wanted to try seaweed in my skincare routine!
    Gorgeous post!

  7. These products look great! I've never tried this box though.

    1. I recommend it to everyone! Honestly the best box I've ever tried x