My current go to makeup routine

Over the last few years I've really calmed down with the amount of makeup purchases I make. I definitely 
still buy more than I should but I tend to think about it for a while beforehand. Recently I treated myself to 
some items from the new XX Revolution beauty collection (blog post here) so my go to makeup routine 
has changed quite a bit. Although shops, restaurants and pubs are starting to open up now, I'm still not 
going out very much, so when I get the chance to do my makeup I'm enjoying it more than usual.


I never used to use 2 primers but the XX Revolution primers are amazing (blog post here). My favourite is 
the cloud compleXXion primer which I use all over my face after the ELF poreless putty primer to fill my 
pores and blur the face. I'm also using a new concealer which I'm enjoying as it's still full coverage but 
means I don't, have to use 2 concealers now. I am such a big fan of using loose translucent powders for 
setting my under eyes, but I'm trying to use up some of my powders that I have, so I've been reaching for a 
translucent pressed powder and using that with my beauty blender to make sure it stays in place all day.


Now it's summer I'm enjoying looking even more bronzed and slowly than I did before. I feel like I've 
nailed it when it comes to getting the perfect bronzed skin without being too orange (check out my blog 
posts on finding the right bronzer if you have fair skin here) and a highlighter that compliments that 
and really pops on the skin. The blush just pulls the whole look together and completes it entirely.


When it comes to my brows and lashes they're pretty much the same as usual. However I have fell in love 
with a new mascara from Eyeko, which gives length and volume to my lashes without looking clumpy and 
is perfect because the wand helps to coat each individual lash. If I do decide to wear eyeshadow I like to 
keep it pretty simple and opt for some warm tones on my eyes to fit in with the bronzed look, and finish 
off the whole makeup look with a moisturising nude lipstick from Sleek, that glides on effortlessly.

I can't wait to start doing my makeup more, testing out old favourites 
and falling back in love with the whole process again. 


This post does contain gifted items (marked with an Asterix). However this post is not sponsored.  See disclaimer page for more information.


  1. So many lovely products here. Wish I had the time to play with make up more!

    1. There's never enough time for the things we want to do or love to do x

  2. I have read and seen so much about that Elf Primer, I must try it out soon.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. It's the best primer I've ever used. They also do a luminous and matte version too! x

  3. I'm desperate to try more products from Elf. That Huda palette is to die for too!

    1. They're constantly evolving, definitely want to try more from them too! Gorgeous isn't it x

  4. Gorgeous makeup picks!

  5. I'm wearing basically no make up at the minute but I love to go full glam for the weekends! I adore your photography in this post!

    1. Thank you lovely! I very rarely wear any makeup at all at the minute, makes me look forward to doing it when I get the chance x