What I've been loving on Disney+

It's officially been 1 month since Disney+ launched in the UK, which also means it's been 1 month 
since my birthday and 1 month in lockdown. Disney+ came at the right time and has been people's go 
to whilst we're stuck inside. I definitely haven't been watching it as much as I thought, probably 
because I'm overthinking on what to do with all this time, that I've actually done nothing. I purchased 
this a month before it's release whilst it was on offer for £49.99 for the entire year. You can now get a 
7 day free trial and if you choose to continue it will only cost you £5.99 a month. Check it out here.

What I've been watching
High school musical 1, 2 and 3
Camp Rock 1 and 2
Princess Diaries 1 and 2
The Cheetah Girls 1, 2 and 3
Lizzie McGuire

Growing up I was a huge fan of Disney Channel. I watched it day in and day out and to say I was 
devastated when my parents cancelled Sky, was an understatement. This was the only reason why I 
downloaded Disney+ and everything else is purely a bonus. The first things I watched were High 
School Musical, Camp Rock and The Cheetah Girls as those were my favourite when I was younger 
and I hadn't watched them in years. I'm absolutely loving re-watching Lizzie McGuire and forget how 
incredible it is whilst talking about important topics such as eating disorders and even theft.

What I can't wait to watch
Eddies Million Dollar Cook-off
Stuck in the Suburbs
Read it and Weep
Twitches too
Ravens Home

There are so many different films and tv shows that I want to watch. I'm hoping to finish my Disney 
Channel original movies and the odd TV show from my childhood, before starting on the classic 
Disney films. I was never into Disney films when I was younger but there are so many out there that 
I'm so excited to read. I'm really looking forward to the newer releases that have been added such as; 
Toy Story 4, Finding Dory, Frozen 2 (releasing July 17th) and a lot of the live action movies. 

What has you been watching on Disney+? 



  1. I really want to get Disney+ but I can’t seem to get it on my bedroom tv or on the tv in the sitting room. It’s so irritating because I would actually love binge watching Hannah Montana :( xx


    1. How strange? You can get it on your laptop and phone so maybe try that. Better than nothing. So excited to watch Hannah Montana x

  2. Ahh I really want to try it just to see what is on i :)

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. I definitely recommend it! Maybe try the free trial first x

  3. I don't have Disney plus!! I need it so bad!

  4. I neeeeed to re-watch Lizzie McGuire omg x