Lockdown skincare routine

We can all admit that right now our skin isn't loving us. Whether it's because we are spending more 
time inside and not getting any fresh air, or because we are so bored we're eating more rubbish that 
usual. At the start of lockdown my skin was freaking out, thankfully now it has calmed down to it's 
usual semi-decent self. The biggest difference I've noticed is that my skin feels dryer than normal and 
that all the moisture has just been sucked out of my skin. So every product I use has some form of 
hydration and nourishment quality to it, in order to restore my skin back to normal.

If I happen to be wearing makeup, which at the moment is very rare then I alway use my Face Halo 
to remove it. This uses microfibres that when combined with only water, helps to remove any traces 
of makeup on the skin and deep into the pores without being harsh or damaging to the skin.

I absolutely love using a toner. I've tried many over the years but my favourite is the Dermalogica 
redness relief essence*. This is perfect for those with sensitive skin, like me, as this is concentrated 
and isn't harsh or abrasive on the face. This helps to reduce redness and ease any added sensitivity. 

When it comes to serums I like to use them 2-3 times a week as they are highly concentrated on the 
skin and more intense. I personally love to use the Good Molecules hyaluronic acid serum* which 
adds hydration and moisture back into the skin, helping it to appear more smooth and supple.

After my serum I use the Dermalogica skin smoothing cream* to moisturise my skin. This uses 
Hydamesh technology to infuse the skin for 48 hours with hydration and protect against 
environmental stress. Every other day I add 4-5 drops of the Dermalogica barrier defense booster* to 
give my skin that extra hydration and nourishment since my skin is on the more normal to dry side.

When it comes to my lips I often find myself grabbing for the Skin Chemists rose quartz lip plump.
I don't use this for the plumping affects, but instead for the intense nourishment it gives. I find this 
almost addictive to use as I love how this leaves my lips feeling super smooth and looking glossy.

My newest part of my skincare routine is to give my décolletage and neck some attention. In my 
M&S beauty advent calendar at Christmas I received the Prai ageless throat and décolletage night 
cream, and after falling in love with the packaging I decided to give it a go. Although I don't have any 
signs of ageing on my neck yet, it's never too early to start. This helps to reduce the appearance of 
fine lines and wrinkles, since the neck is one of the first places to have visible signs of ageing. With a 
mixture of hyaluronic acid, Shea butter and more this can reduce visible ageing signs by 10 years.


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  1. I am intrigued by Good Molecules, I must have a look on their website and see what they have.

    You can't go wrong with Dermalogica can you.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. They're so good! Dermalogica products are incredible, never tried a bad product from them x

  2. The dermalogica skin smoothing is my favourite

  3. I love Skin Chemists products, I have the rose quartz eye cream and it's lush! Dermalogica is such a go-to brand isn't it?

    Megan Elizabeth

    1. I've only tried the lip plump but it's insane x

  4. I love Skin Chemists. I am loving having more time to concentrate on my skincare now that we are in lockdown!

    1. The biggest achievement to come out of all of this x

  5. The redness relief essence sounds like a product my skin could use!

    Gemma Louise

  6. Dermalogica are just the best aren't they x

    1. They are so good. Truly can't recommend them enough x