My 'daily' makeup routine

If I was writing this post 2-3 years ago, this would actually be a daily makeup routine. But now what 
I call my daily makeup routine, is lucky if it happens once a week at the moment. Over the last few 
weeks I have condensed my makeup down a lot, and have ever bought a smaller desk as a result. 
Don't get me wrong I still have way too much for just 1 person, but it's still a major love and passion 
of mine and although I have so much, I definitely do have a go to 'daily' routine.

When it comes to my face, I either have steps that I never change the products of or products that I
haven't found my favourite of yet. Primer, foundation and concealer are cult favourites and create the
perfect flawless and dewy base. I layer together 2 concealers to achieve both coverage and hydration
without feeling heavy or cakey. No matter what concealer I use or how many I use, they will always
crease. It's just how my undereye area is, so I go in with a fine loose powder straight away to stop it
creasing or moving throughout the day. Something that I always change up is my setting spray, as
there are so many incredible and new ones on market.

A step of my makeup routine that is vital but I haven't found my perfect one is definitely powder.
Although I have normal-dry skin if I don't set my face, my makeup is completely gone by the end of
the day. At the minute I'm just using what I've got, but I'm still on the hunt for my perfect one.
Another product I haven't found the perfect one of yet is bronzer. I have fair-light skin and I find so
many bronzers to be too orange or too grey. I'm quite enjoying the one I'm using at the minute, but
I'm still on the look out. My contour and highlight has stayed the same for what feels like years now,
however I try to change up my blush depending on what I'm feeling that day.

I cannot remember the last time I did my mascara and didn't use a primer. I never thought it made a 
difference before, but now if I don't use one my lashes look dull and droopy. I've also used the same 
mascara and brow pencil for years as they are my favourite and the mascara even more so, since it 
costs less that £3. My favourite brow gel is by Soap and Glory however it is dual ended and comes 
with a brow pencil, which I'm not a fan of. So I tend to just use any clear brow gel or mascara that I 
have to hand. On a 'daily' basis I don't wear lipstick of eyeshadow, but over the last few months I've 
been loving just wearing a clear gloss on the lips. It gives me major summer vibes and I love a full 
pouty glossy lip look! 



  1. I am wearing less makeup during lock down too, I guess it is only natural. I did however get ready and put some on yesterday and it was really nice, it lifted my spirits a bit.

    You have some nice affordable products here. This post has reminded me to update my current makeup routine.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. It makes such a difference in your confidence when you put makeup on, even if you just sit around the house x

  2. I have the ELF Poreless Putty Primer in my drawer but I keep forgetting to use it haha x

    Maiya |

    1. You should, it's the best primer I've ever used x

  3. I love ELF, they are so dependable for everyday make up that is good quality and wont break the bank!

    1. Don't think I've ever tried a bad product from them! So good x

  4. I've not worn make up since the pubs closed because I've barely left the house (omg that makes me sound awful, I work in a pub hahaha) - dying to try the ELF putty primer tho x

    1. To be honest I haven't really worn makeup since going to the pubs either and I don't work there!! x