First impressions on Moerie | AD spon

This is a product only AD with Moerie

Moerie beauty is a brand that I've heard of quite a few times and am so excited to have been trying
out over the last few weeks. I am constantly changing out my hair care products, especially my
shampoo and conditioner, as I don't want my hair to get used to using the same products and have a
reaction or get greasy quickly when I do eventually switch them up. 

Moerie beauty is an award winning professional hair care line that delivers all natural
products inspired for nature at the highest quality. They specialise in their knowledge of hair
 loss and thinness, helping to tackle the problem with their range of products.

The mineral shampoo,  mineral condition and repairing hair mask all contain 77 minerals, 5 vitamins
and 18 amino acids, which work together to; boost your hair growth and make your hair grow faster,
making it thicker, stronger and softer as well as working for all hair types. All of these have a light
medicinal scent to them, that washes out when you rinse your hair. The shampoo and conditioner
retails for $29/£22.52 for 250ml and the hair mask retails for $45/£34.94 for only 100ml

Immediately after use your hair will become more voluminous and you will see a improvement in the 
glossiness and silkiness of the overall hair. After one month your hair will be stronger from root to 
tips. After three months your hair will be thicker and more voluminous, and have a reduction in hair 
loss. After six months even the sparse and thin hair with regain their strength and growth abilities.

When using the shampoo, you only need a small amount as it lathers up really easily and washes your
hair thoroughly without having to use an excessive amount. I have long hair, down to my hips, so I
was surprised by the amount I had to use. You only need a small amount of the conditioner too, as it's
very thick and coats your hair without using half the bottle like other brands. I personally love the
repairing hair mask the best. This has a putty like texture and is the thickest hair mask I've tried. I
have quite dry hair, so this is perfect form me. I left this on for around 5-10 minutes, rinsed it off and
whilst my hair was still wet I could already feel a difference.

These are on the more 'high end' range for hair care, which isn't going to suit everyone, however I do
think that if you are looking to try something new or treat yourself then this is perfect. Especially the
hair mask. The only thing that I don't like about these is that the smell is quite strong, and although it
washes out when you rinse your hair, you can still smell it whilst you are washing your hair. Other
than the strong smell, I would definitely recommend trying these out!


This is an product only AD in partnership with Moerie Hair. See disclaimer page for more information.


  1. I haven't heard of this brand before! Im intrigued with the hair mask x

    Joyce |

  2. I love their aesthetic! That packaging is gorgeous!

    Gemma Louise

  3. I saw these on your insta and did a little snooping! These sound absolutely brilliant!