Dating again?

I thought I hit the jackpot at 17. My first date ever turned into a 3 1/2 year relationship that turned
into an engagement. I thought that was it. I had somehow cracked the system without realising it and
had won. Never would I have awful first date stories to tell or awkward first kisses. So when my
relationship ended I didn't know what to expect when it came to dating again. Was it going to be great
every single time and I would fall in love again really quick or would I be burdened with horrible
dates for the rest of my life. I feel like a lot of people talking about dating, but only with the dates
themselves, not the mental and physical impact they can have on you.

My relationship ended at the beginning of the year and I thought it would be a long time before I
even thought about dating again, let alone go on a date again. I've always thought that the time it
takes someone to move on, says a lot about the relationship they were in. I still believe this to a small
degree, however you will never know how you will react or cope with a break up until it's happened.
My break up in particular felt like it was coming for a while as we just grew apart as a couple and in
to friends, so although I'm still 'getting over' and dealing with the break up, I had longer to process all
of this than I anticipated. 

I will be the first to admit that I was on the dating apps, pretty quick. Not because I wanted a
relationship or even anything to come out of it, but for a reason I'm still unsure off. Since I was in a
relationship for so long, I never experienced dating apps such as Tinder or POF. Wow what an eye
opener that was. Tinder is definitely more for 'hooks ups' and casual relationships rather than people
looking for anything long term. I definitely find Tinder less intimidating than other apps. Whether
that be because of the convenience of it or because it's aimed at the younger generation. 

I have met with 3 people that I met on Tinder, and each one was different. I have also been a victim
of ghosting quite a few times, and there is a high possibility that I also got catfished. I have also been
sent more surprise d**k pics than I ever thought was possible. Please guys, stop, most ladies do not want to see that! I've had a lifetime of cheesy chat up lines used on me, so many that I hope to never hear one again. This was also the first year that I spent Valentines Day alone since 2016. 

Dating itself is not as scary as I thought and there are some nice people out there, rather than the
internet being full of stalkers and people becoming obsessive like I thought. Dating is very weird,
especially when you've spent a large amount of time in a relationship. But, dating is also really fun.
The butterflies you get when you talk to someone and then feeling both nervous and excited when
you meet them for the first time. I'm currently happy being single, despite the lack of kisses!



  1. Girl, I work in online dating so these stories are allll I hear all day long. Good for you getting back out there, it wont be long till you'll be catching feelings!

    1. I'd love to hear some of those stories! Thank you x

  2. I think you'll find that somebody will come along when you least expect it. Just enjoy having the time for you now, that's what is important :)

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. Totally agree! Don't go out looking for it x