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This is a product only ad with Sundose

Last month I uploaded a post about custom made vitamins from Sundose. I find that a lot of the time 
when people do posts about trying a product for a certain amount of time, they never give an update 
on how they've found it and whether or not it is worth purchasing. So after taking these vitamins for a 
month and finishing my 30 day course, I wanted to give an honest update on if these are worth it.

Sundose is your daily does of energy that will bring you closer to better health and wellbeing. 
The first step to getting your personalised vitamins is to take the medical survey. The survey 
will ask you questions to find the perfection amount of minerals and vitamins that suits you. 
The questions will include everything from; dietary requirements and allergies, your coffee and 
water intake, the amount  of meals you eat a day and what they are, your weight and heigh, 
exercise and more. You will then get the choice of flavour and specific aspects to focus on such 
as your immune system.

Every morning I have been taking the tablets and after the toothpaste taste left my mouth I took the 
mixed the powder into water and had my drink. I can usually take multiple tablets at a time, however 
these are quite large so I had to take them individually. These had no taste and were easy to take. I 
chose to opt for an orange flavour powder as I thought it would taste the best out of their options and 
more like a regular drink. This took me a while to get used to as the orange flavour is extremely 
strong and bitter and no matter how well you mixed it, there was still that powder texture. The first 
few days it took me a long time to consume the whole drink as I wasn't getting along with the taste, 
but afterwards I found the best way was to just down it as quickly as possible. 

These claim to improve your health and wellbeing by allowing you to get your daily nutrients in one 
go, whilst improving your energy, immunity and balance. I didn't notice any affects until 7-10 days 
after taking these, which is expected like any other vitamin. The first improvement I noticed was in 
my motivation and energy. I have become more productive and interested in widening my horizons, 
rather than sitting around the house all day. Around this time of year I will also start getting ill, 
mainly due to the weather or generally illnesses that are going round. I expected this more now since 
I have not long started a new job and was prepared for immune system to take a bit of a hit. However 
it hasn't, which I'm really glad for because nobody wants to get sick. That is a huge improvement for 
me because if someone around me is ill, I will more than likely get ill too.  I haven't noticed a 
difference in my balance or an improvement to my hair, skin and nails which it claims to do.

Overall I would continue to take these as I like the convenience of getting all my nutrients and 
vitamins in one easy step rather than taking a bunch of different medication, I also like how I 
feel an improvement within my energy and how revitalised I am. However these are a very 
expensive product for the 'everyday' person, costing you a total of £69 for a 30 day course. If 
these were half the price then I would definitely purchase them, however I haven't noticed a 
huge difference to warrant paying £69 a month, or £828 over the course of a year for.

The are labelled as a supplement, which is a blend of vitamins. This is 
not a meal replacement and is not intending for loosing weight.


This is an product only AD in partnership with Sundose. See disclaimer page for more information.


  1. These sound really interesting, will check them out! x

    Maiya |

  2. I love a vitamin, I take about 57755 a day!

  3. It's a shame about the price of them, I take vitamins daily but couldn't justify that either! They're cheaper from the doctors too!

    Gemma Louise

    1. Other than the price they're incredible, but I do enjoy how they're customisable for each individual x

  4. Blimey, they do seem quite expensive don't they, I must admit, that would put me off.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. That's the only downside to them, other than that they're great x