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This is an product only ad with Sundose.

There are 2 things in this world I love. 1 - things that are personalised to me and 2 - vitamins. When 
you hear that I love vitamins is sounds really weird, but there are a huge amount of benefits that 
come along with taking them, yet it's so hard to find some that cater to all of your different needs. 
That's why when I was contacted by Sundose enquiring to work with them, I jumped at the chance. 
Personalised vitamins that cater to all of your needs, habits and your overall lifestyle

Sundose is your daily does of energy that will bring you closer to better health and wellbeing. The 
first step to getting your personalised vitamins is to take the medical survey. The survey will ask you 
questions to find the perfection amount of minerals and vitamins that suits you. The questions will 
include everything from; dietary requirements and allergies, your coffee and water intake, the amount 
of meals you eat a day and what they are, your weight and heigh, exercise and more. You will then 
get the choice of flavour and specific aspects to focus on such as your immune system.

After inputting all of my data and information I got my results and awaited my delivery. If you 
change your mind you can cancel before preparation and get a full refund. As these are personalised 
to you, they take slightly longer to arrive but guarantee to be dispatched within 7 days. These arrived 
within 2 weeks and were packaged individually, making it easy to take on a daily basis. Each packet 
is split into 2. One half is your tablets that you wash down with a drink, and the other half is a powder 
that you dissolve in water, which you both take in the morning. 

I received 2 tablets which were the shape and size of a cod liver oil tablet which I take in the 
morning. I chose the orange flavour for the powder which I dissolve in water, however I do find it to 
be really strong and bitter so I recommend downing it in one go very quickly. By taking these on a 
daily basis you will start to notice improvements to your energy, concentration, immunity and more. 

I have just started these, within the last dew days, so I haven't noticed a huge difference yet. 
However do feel more awake and revitalised than usual, which I can't 100% say if it is because 
of the tablets or because we've started a new year and I feel more motivated in January. I will be 
doing another blog post on the results of taking these for a month, to see if they are worth the 
money and whether or not I notice a difference in my body, health and mind. 

A 30 day package costs a total of £69. However you can use my code
 'leamaicarter' for £20 off your entire order.

This is labelled as a supplement, which is a blend of vitamins. This is not a meal 
replacement and is not intending for loosing weight.


This is an product only AD in partnership with Sundose. See disclaimer page for more information.


  1. this is definitely something I need to look into this year for sure! x

  2. These sound really interesting, I need to take more supplements! x

    Maiya |

    1. They're amazing. Doing an update post on them next week x

  3. Vitamins in general I think I should start taking. The trouble I have is remembering to take them regularly.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. I tend to set a reminder on my phone, and after a few days it becomes routine x

  4. I've always wondered about this brand and what they can do for average Joe's like me! Sounds really interesting, I can't wait to see the long term effects that it has for you!

  5. I take multiple vitamins a day, I can't function without them, I don't know how I ever lived before!

    Gemma Louise