Essentials for the autumn season

Autumn is by far my favourite and the best season. There is truly nothing better than waking up and
seeing the autumn leaves and colours all over the floor, but also getting to drink hot chocolate, put
fluffy socks and a dressing gown on whilst you watch a festive film. A lot of people get seasonal
sadness when it gets to this time of year, because it gets darker earlier and less time to be productive
in the day. I'm the opposite and actually thrive and feel more myself in the autumn/winter months.

No matter what the season I love to use a lip balm, but especially in the autumn since it's getting
colder and your lips become a lot dryer. To prevent this I use the most hydrating lip balm I won
which is the Dr Paw Paw original clear balm. Dr Paw Paw is the most hydrating and nourishing lip
balm that I own, and I have 3 back ups of it as I never want to run out. This is a multi purpose balm
so it can be used all over your body; including elbows, hair and cuticles, but most importantly lips.

My skin is very up and down throughout the whole year, but is it at risk of becoming dry and
dehydrated in autumn because of the temperature dropping. For years I thought I found the perfect
moisturiser but it wasn't until I tried the Dermalogica skin smoothing cream that I realised how wrong
I was before. I can't describe how much I love this moisturiser and how it's unlike anything I've ever
tried before. This is super hydrating and nourishing yet it doesn't clog up your pores or feel sticky on
the skin. My favourite thing about this is how soft and smooth it leaves my skin feeling. It is truly the
perfect moisturiser and my favourite skin care item to use. Check out my full review here.

Whenever I think of autumn, I always think of orange, red and berry tones. I love the autumnal
fashion but particularly favourite the beauty products. There are so many incredible eyeshadow
palettes, lip products and blushers that are perfect for this time of year, but my favourite and absolute
go to is the Urban decay naked petite heat palette. I love the original naked heat palette but the petite
heat is more convenient and easy to use whilst still having those perfect autumn shades.

Since my skin gets dry I like to make sure it's moisturised and hydrated. I also make sure to exfoliate
my entire body once a week to get rid of any dead skin cells. My favourite and number 1 go to is the
Soap and glory scrub of your life. I love how this is super nourishing due to the moisture base yet it
has the perfect amount of exfoliating needs throughout, without scrubbing your entire skin off. I have
really sensitive skin that reacts to the majority of products, yet this doesn't react with my skin at all.

Although blusher isn't the first makeup item I think of switching up when it comes to autumn, I do
love having the opportunity to wear darker more berry toned shades. This year my favourite is the
Essence mosaic blush (shade 35). It adds the perfect amount of warmth and colour to your cheeks
with the option to be worn as sheer or as intense as you like. There is a slight amount of shimmer
running throughout which makes you look glowy, even when there's no sun.

What are your essentials for this autumn season?



  1. That palette is so pretty! x

  2. the mini naked heat palette is so cute x

  3. So many pretty picks here, that Essence blush looks such a gorgeous shade! :)

    Kate |

    1. It's gorgeous. So many other great shades too x

  4. I am also loving the Dermalogica Moisturiser, I am such a fan of the brand!

  5. this post has got me feeling so excited for autumn... finally! That palette is an absolute dream!

  6. A good lip balm is an essential at this time of year! x

    Gemma Louise

  7. I must admit, I too am such a fan of the Dermalogica moisturiser, it is divine! :)

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. So obsessed. Already know I'm going to repurchase it x