Who you should be following on Instagram

Although I talk so much about taking time away from social media, the internet and reducing your 
screen time, cutting down on Instagram scrolling is very difficult for me to do. Instagram is definitley 
my favourite app because it has everything. It gives people the chance to express themselves through 
photography, both professionally and amateurs. Whatever aspect of my life I'm lacking inspiration 
and motivation in, I always head over to Instagram to get new ideas and reassurance.

Makeup and anything beauty related in my life has taken a bit of a back burner this year since I've 
become more into reading. However it is still one of my favourite passions. There are so many 
makeup accounts to follow from companies themselves like; Superdrug, Boots, Cult Beauty and Feel 
Unique, but I particularlly find joy in people who share the same passion as me rather than brands. If 
I could only follow one beauty account it would be Katelovesblog. She posts a range of different 
photos, currently all about Disney, but he main theme is anything makeup related. I gain so much 
inspiration from her photos and love seeing them pop up on my feed. Beauty instagrammers I think 
you should also be following is; Ohmygeeee, Joycekayanlau, Bylaurenmay_ and glossme1up

Although I don't post a lot, or at all, about fashion on my page, I love seeing the outfits people put 
together. There are so many amazing accounts dedicated to fashion and creating looks from anything 
casual and for day to day wear or all out there for a festival. My all time favourite is definitely 
Fashioninflux. Every outfit that Lydia puts together I love, even if I wouldn't wear it. I love how 
she puts together such classic and timeless pieces but also makes them relevant for now. I also love 
Emmahill, Lydiaemillen, Freddy and Josieldn for more classic styling. When it comes to high fashion 
and whats popular now I love Elisehegney, Hellooctober, Xlaurengregoryx, Fashiontrain and 
Alishalemayx. I've also got to mention Hellomissjordan because I love every single outfit she puts on. 

Lifestyle is a very loose category because anything can fit into it. To me it's people who post a variety 
of different photos and content. These are my favourite accounts of follow because it feels more real 
and personal. A lot of my friends and people I speak to on Instagram fall into this category and are 
some of the nicest people I've spoke to. When I think of lifestyle the first person who comes to mind 
is Gemellisx. Gemma posts everything and anything ranging from beauty and fashion to parenting 
and home. Her blog is also one of my favourites to read and I often find myself stalking her feed for 
After Mrs Hinch being so popular so many more home and cleaning accounts started popping up. I've 
always been the nosey type and loving see how people decorate their homes and express themselves 
through decor. I've really been loving Partyat10 and seeing all of the before and afters. I also love 
Scarlettathome, Littlebeckhouse and Leannelimwalkerhome for when I'm lacking inspiration. I enjoy 
following accounts that all have different types of styles so I get a range of incredible interior, colour, 
furniture ideas and asethics on my feed. Home accounts are some of my favourites to follow as it gets 
me so excited for when I move out and get to decorate and make a place my own.

I could talk on and on about each person I follow on Instagram but it would be pretty boring.
 I hope that sharing my favourites gives you some inspiration and ideas on new people to follow. 
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  1. I have literally now gone and followed everyone you've mentioned in this post apart from the ones I'm already following haha! I had a sort out on Instagram recently and unfollowed loads of people I followed when I first joined, I must've been 16 at least! I love following new people and scrolling through fresh content. I love Alisha Lemay, she's one of my faves! xx

    Megan Elizabeth

    1. I do the same all the time, trying to keep my feed as positive as I can! x

  2. gonna go and follow loads of these now! xx

  3. Thank you so much for including me Lea, I can't wait to check out all of the other accounts too! I love that you've broken them down into sections :)

    Kate | http://www.katelovesx.co.uk/

  4. Thank-you for including me!!! I'm going to do a little following spree x

    Joyce | www.joycelauofficial.com

  5. This is a great post, thanks for the recommendations, will check them out! Always lovely to see people sharing the love!

  6. Aw thank you so much for the feature, this is lovely!

    Gemma Louise

  7. I love finding new recommendations, thanks for this, it is a lovely post.

    Amy x
    The July Rose