How to take a well deserved break

Taking a break is something we all struggle with, just look at Ross and Rachel! Everyone overbooks 
themselves and sets goals that we all know aren't going to happen in the time frame we want. There 
are so many different ways to take a break, and each will work better for some and others not so 
much. I benefit from pampering myself and turning off all electronics. Stripping everything down to 
the basics, in all aspects of my life, gives me the most beneficial results. 

Digital detox
This can mean a lot of things. Everything from deleting your apps completely to simply not use any 
form of electronics. Without realising it, this can make the biggest difference. We all spend so much 
time on our phones or laptops and when we're not on those we're most likely watching tv. Often we 
forget to indulge in real life. Put down your phone and go visit a family member you haven't seen in a 
long time. Turn of the tv and have a games night. There's so much we all miss and aren't aware of 
because we're so wrapped up in the online and digital world of what other people are doing.

Social media cleanse
Stress is a given and is something we will all experience in different amounts throughout our lives. 
More and more people are experiencing stress on a daily basis due to social media and the negativity 
that is online. Logging out and turning of social media is a problem that everyone deals with, but 
more importantly we also carry on following and looking at the negativity. Simply by going through 
your Facebook friends and people your following on twitter and Instagram to remove people who 
post negativity and don't you happy, will have a big impact on your mood and life. We often forget to 
do this and forget how much it affects our mental health, but is the most important thing when it 
comes to taking a break that is well and truly well deserved and much needed.

Self pampering 
When I hear the word 'take a break' I often think it's only going to last a few hours or at most a day. If 
someone said to take a break for a week we, most likely, would't know what to do with ourselves. No 
matter how much time I'm taking off I always make sure to do some self pampering. I did a post at 
the beginning of the year specifically about having a pamper night, but the most important part for me 
is taking a bubble bath and applying a face mask. Again something so simple, yet it improves your 
mood and sets the tone for the rest of the night or week. 

If I could only recommend one thing to do when taking a break it would be reading. I've done so 
many posts about reading (most recently being '25 reasons you should read more') and not just how 
important it is but how it makes the biggest difference to your mental health. So far this year I've read  
34 books and each time I pick up a new book I'm transported to another world and my mind becomes 
free. Each book I read improves my mood and mental health that little bit more. It sounds so simple 
and so boring to do, especially since social media is about, but every person I know who has started 
reading more or reads as much as me, can truly attest to how incredible and life changing it is. 

We all need to take a break. 



  1. tell you what, I need a digital detox!

  2. I've had a bit of a blog break recently and feel like it's done me so much good, I tend to get so stressed out with it sometimes!

    Gemma Louise

    1. They really do help and make a huge difference x

  3. A digital detox, now, I think I could do with one of those soon, I am worn out. It is hard working 9-5 (more infact) and then running a blog, twitter, Instagram, Facebook page etc etc.

    Amy x
    The July Rose

    1. People think social media and blogging is really easy and simple, but it's honestly not. Something people don't talk about enough x