New and improved Rimmel lasting radiance collection

It's a rare occasion that a brand with do a relaunch of an existing product or collection at the same 
time they re-formulate. Often they will change the product without telling their customers, leading to 
a lot of confusion. When I saw that they were rebranding and launching their original wake me up 
range I was so excited as it's a collection I've loved and used for years. I was hesitant to purchase this 
as I love the original collection so much, but since there was so much hype and love around this I 
decided to purchase it and give it a go myself.

The Rimmel wake me up collection, consisted of a foundation and concealer targeted to instantly 
awaken the skin and give a healthier appearance. The original foundation consisted of only 6 shades, 
where as the new lasting radiance foundation now consists of 12 shades. The concealer now has 6 
shades, compared to the original 3 shades. There is also a new powder in this collection with a total 
of 3 shades. Unfortunately the shade range for this entire collection is really disappointing and still 
does not cater to a wide variety of skin tones or different undertones.

If you have really fair skin, like myself, have a cool undertone or a darker complexion, then 
I wouldn't recommend this collection to you as the shades don't have a wide variety.

I picked up the shade light porcelain for my foundation and ivory for both the concealer and the 
powder. Amongst changing their formula I also believe that it has affected their shades. The shades
 I picked up in the lasting radiance collection, were exactly the same as the wake up (as I wanted to 
give them the same chance), however they seem to be much more orange now.

The lasting radiance foundation now claims to be an anti pollution foundation with SPF 25, compared 
to the anti-fatigue SPF 20 wake me up foundation. Each foundation has the same aim of giving a 
more healthy and radiant appearance to the skin whilst still remaining natural. Since I picked up the 
same shade, I expected it to look the same on the skin too. However the lasting radiance foundation is 
a lot darker and has a more orange undertone compared to before. The formula however is a lot 
thinner, which I prefer as it sits and looks better on the skin throughout the day. The packaging has 
now become less bulky and slimmer, making it is easier to store and travel with. This foundation 
retails at £9.99 (price increased by £1) online and in store at Superdrug and Boots.

I personally haven't noticed a difference with the concealer and it is still marketed as being anti-
fatigue. The small shimmer throughout the concealer, brightens up the undereyes and gives a 
refreshed look to the face, almost like you've had a full nights sleep (even when you haven't). I've 
always loved the original concealer, so when I heard that they were rebranding, I was hesitant as to 
whether or not I would still like this. I'm glad to report that this is the product that has stayed the 
same and just as good as the original. This concealer retails for £6.99 (price increased by 50p) online 
and in store at Superdrug and Boots.

In the original wake me up collection, there wasn't a powder, so I was really excited to try out the 
lasting radiance powder. On the Superdrug website this appeared to be matte with 1 or 2 sections of 
the powder looking slightly shimmery. I was hesitant as I really dislike powders with shimmer, but 
wanted to try it anyway. I wish I hadn't. This is so shimmery it could almost be a highlighter, however 
it's also really dark and I picked up the lightest shade, ivory. Since this is a mosaic powder, I also 
watched each section individual, but I was just as disappointed. The formula of this feels incredibly 
soft and smooth and if it was less shimmery I would definitely love using this. This powder retails for 
£7.49 online and in store at Superdrug and Boots.

Overall I personally prefer the original wake me up collection, formula wise, compared to 
the lasting radiance collection. However I'm still as disappointed with the shade range 
despite them having double the options.

Have you tried this collection?


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